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​​​​​Hope of the Gospel to the People of Ghana

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Ghana Christian Mission provides Hope for the people of Ghana as we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with families living in rural Ghana and in the large cities of this Western African nation.  We have nineteen evangelists who work in rural areas and four ministers of larger urban churches, all of which are graduates of Ghana Christian University College.

They may meet in a building or under a tree, but they are learning and growing every day in the Hope of the freedom from the confines of pagan idol worship so common among the forty-nine tribes of Ghana.

Your prayers and support have provided enough for us to start over 180 churches in rural areas and four in major cities.

Our Executive Director, Enoch Nyador, has led this work since 1988 and continues to lead and direct the work of the mission in Ghana with honor and humility.

Education is a key factor to the well-being of those in Ghana. Children’s education is not free in Ghana. Everyone must pay. For this reason, providing a Christian environment for children to receive an education is a blessing to the parents of our believers and, of course, the children.

We operate three Christian Schools. In this way, we provide a ray of Hope for a better tomorrow and the Hope of Christian leadership in Ghana.


​​​Ghana Christian Mission

Multiplies Life and Hope in These Four ways:


This short video provides an overview of Ghana Christian Mission

Pastor Enoch Nyador



Since 1984,

  • 185 Churches started
  • 10,000 New converts baptized
  • 500,000 patients treated
  • 302 students from Creche - 9th grade at Faithway School.

    Pastor Enoch Nyador started this mission in Ghana west Africa in 1987 and continues to lead it as the Executive Director.  In 2007 this US non-profit company was expressly founded to support the mission in Ghana.




Ghana Christian Mission operates nine Medical clinics in rural Ghana.  The clinics are a safe place to go for people of all sorts to come and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ without intimidation. We are a blessing to the communities we serve and provide physical and spiritual Hope for the sick.

By supporting Christian initiatives that strengthen and improve life, Ghana Christian Mission participates in drilling wells with our partner from IDES.  We partner with FAME an offer Community Health Education to families who would not otherwise receive such training.

By partnering with Mission Resource International, we help Christian families make a living and support their local congregations.

Partnering with other Christians makes the Lord’s work in Ghana more effective and we are thankful for the others who work along side of us.

Ghana Christian Mission is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Indiana.