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GCM Staff Reports -- October/September

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover October 2021 and/or September 2021.

Paul Akuteye

The Good Lord has been so good to us all, especially to we the people in the Ashanti region.

There has been a lot of ritual murdering, armed robbery, death of women killed by their spouses, and women killing their own children in the city of Kumasi. One of our youth members who is an I.C.T. wizard was attacked by armed robbers in broad daylight. Most of his belongings were taken away by these robbers. The armed robbers took away his belongings, but his life was spared. They didn’t torture him with the gun and knife they used to threaten him.

We want you to join us to celebrate the goodness of our Maker.

Prayer Request

The Pistis Christian churches in Kumasi wish to seek the help in prayers for the people in the Ashanti region.

The region is experiencing a lot of robbery, ritual, murdering, social vices like cyber crimes, “Sakawa,” doubling of money by these Muslim clerics and some Herbalists who are into a lot of evil practices. Sexual immorality, indiscipline, drug abuse, and many more social vices are on the ascendancy. As we are coming to end of the year, we are seeking God’s intervention, especially in the area of accidents on our roads.

May you prayerfully join your faith to ours in this trying moments as we believe the Good Lord for an answered prayer.

Finally your partnership and support for us as a church will not go unnoticed.

Ernest Nyador

I am very grateful to God Almighty for His provisions and protections for my family and the ministry. I had the opportunity to attend a day’s seminar at Paradise Christian Church in Gbetsile. I pray the Lord’s protection and provision for our families, church members, and all our partners.

John Newman


My family and I have finally moved to the mission house. We are now enjoying the facility even though it is not fully completed. By the grace of God, it is a better place to be than the rented apartment. We are very grateful to God for providing the resources for this house till now. This house was fully built by the local assembly.

Prayer Requests

One of our youths in Tutukpene who a student of Ntruboman Senior High School is also at Brewaniase, by name Agobia Sampson, had an accident when they were riding a tricycle. He has been referred from Nkwanta to Tamale for medical care. The information received was that a bone in his chest is broken. Help pray for him for his healing and recovery.

Felix Nsejamese


  • Glory be to God for His grace upon my family and the church.

  • My daughter, Happy Nsejamese Omayoane, wrote her WASSCE (final high school exam) and came home safely.

  • The church, by the grace of God, has raised funds for the combo and the renovation of the chapel.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for us to complete the project renovation project.

  • Pray for me and my family, especially my daughter as she awaits her results.

  • Pray for funding for a video projector for evangelism.

Kingsley Nyindam

Thank God for God’s sustenance on my family and the church throughout the month of September. I also thank God that part of the clinic's roof that was destroyed by rainstorm has been fixed and work can continue. A three-day prayer and fasting was held at Tatindo on the theme Divine Favor. One naming ceremony was done at Tatindo. No baptisms were recorded this month.

Prayer Needs

  • Continue to pray and support our churches that still meet under trees.

  • Pray and support me to get a strong motorcycle to be able to evangelize people in the hard-to-reach areas.

David Addy Akpesey

Thank God for a successful 3rd quarter program in September. We had teachings and prayers and other activities on benevolence within the whole month of September. On the last Sunday of the month, we put what we have learned into practice by giving gifts of clothing, toiletries, and cash to the needy, orphans, and widows of our church. It was indeed a very useful program.

Prayer Request

Pray for the success of our annual fundraising program scheduled to take place in November 2021.

Paul Tevi

"My nourishment comes from doing the will of God who sent me, and from finishing his work."

We want to express our gratitude to the Almighty for His precious grace and power upon the churches here. The rain has stopped and all communities are connected again, especially our brothers and sisters from Sohou.

The church of Yizesi celebrated the outdooring and naming ceremony of Vera and Veneza on October 8. We are praying for the farmers who have lost everything to the floods to get a good yield this planting season.

Peace and love to you all.

Johnathan Sapeh


  • Thank God for bringing us to the end of the third quarter of the year 2021 successfully.

  • Thank donors and FAME Ghana for providing portable water and bio fill toilet facility at my residence at Kumdi. God richly bless you all.


  • Tadando and Kpandai Christian churches held their annual fundraising for the continuation of their church buildings. I preached at the fundraising at Tadando, sermon theme “Come let us build together,” based on Nehemiah 2:17.

  • A room has been rented for Brother Joel Bakando at Kpandai, and he has moved in.

  • I organized a five-member committee of leaders at Kumdi Christian Church, and we visited some church members who have stopped coming to church or not regular at church; some of those visited have resumed church attendance.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Elder Samuel Mark's health

  • Brother Joel Bakando's graduation on November 13, 2021

  • Kumdi District Christian Church's Christmas convention scheduled for December 16-19 at Bombard. There will be commissioning and ordination service at the convention.

  • Kado Elijah Kwaku applied for recruitment into the security services. He applied for Immigration, Fire, and Prisons; pray he is recruited into any of these.

Johnathan's Wife

Eric Nyador

We thank God for taking us through August safely. The Pistis Christian churches national chairman, Pastor Hayford Ahiabu, visited us at Good Shepherd PCC on Sunday, August 5. He encouraged us with a powerful message about focusing on Jesus Christ always. He introduced Pastor Benjamin Gbekleh to do a six-month internship with us after graduating from Bible college. I was invited to preach at Paradise PCC at Gbetsile on Sunday, August 19, during a retreat. The church building project is ongoing steadily.

Paul Akuteye

Once again Grace has seen us through. Every month has its own vibration – a feeling that is unique to its own transitional span of time. The month of September brought us laughter, joy, excitement, and abundant blessings. The leadership of the church organized a revival service for the three assemblies. A preachers’ seminar as well as a youth conference was also organized and brought Pastor Mawuli Nyador all the way from Tamale, in the Northern part of Ghana, as the main speaker. We also saw a tremendous togetherness in the month of September.

Prayer Requests

  • One of our deacons, Richard Acheampong, who was very supportive financially in the church is suffering from a mild stroke, leaving him unable to work. His family is now financially handicapped since he was the bread winner of the family.

  • Majority of the elderly members in the church are sick.

May you prayerfully join your faith to our faith as we believe the Lord for a speedy recovery for all. We appreciate your partnership.

Bismark Kassata

We give God glory for the great things He is doing for us. The Church is doing well in the Ntrubo area and doing well with our weekly meetings.


  • The members are facing financial problems as a result of the COVID-19. Cassava dough, which is their main source of income, is not selling. Please pray for good market for their farm produce.

  • Please pray for my family, especially for my wife; she is pregnant and is due any day now.

  • We lost a member in one of the branch churches; pray for the family at Pusupu.

  • Our sincerest appreciation to our sponsors for the good work they're doing for Christ.

  • Blessings to you all.


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