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March Update: Kingsley Nyindam

By Kingsley Nyindam

Thank God for the month of February. It was very eventful.

Projects: A 40-foot x 25-foot mud church building was constructed by the Ibubu in Togo.

Moatong PCC also raised funds to buy a drums set.

Events: We had one wedding between sister Elizabeth and brother Jacob. The Lord is using his church to solve challenges of marriage, especially the forced marriage system where ladies are forced into marriage against their will.

There was one naming ceremony.

Baptism: No baptism was recorded this month.

Thanksgiving: Thank God for the above-mentioned achievement and other numerous blessings He has given us. Prayer need: We are suffering a very acute water supply, which has been an annual ritual. Our only source of water is the recently constructed dam where animals and humans are competing for water. People have to track several kilometers in search of water, which is having an untold hardship on the community and is seriously affecting work at the clinic, as nurses have to spend long and precious hours in search for water. Please pray for funds to construct mechanized boreholes.

This is the color of water from the dam.


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