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March Update: Samuel Dzobo

By Samuel Dzobo

Family and church members are doing well by His merciful grace.

God blessed Brother James Bawati and Abigail Bawati with a baby girl named Bawati Eliana Mboragem on December 10. The marriage wedding was held at Saboba on March 3. The naming ceremony was held on February 2.

February 8-9 was the engagement and wedding ceremony of Prince Adalevo and Patience Kpebu of BCC.

I traveled on three different occasions to Loagri to supervise and coordinate the construction of a pavilion for the church. Thank God for protecting and granting me traveling mercies on all occasions. On February 25, I also traveled to attend the funeral of the late Mrs. Happy Ganyo in Amrahia, Accra.

No baptism was recorded.

May the Lord give the strength to serve dutifully and faithfully.

Church Building at Loagri

Church Building at Bombare


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