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Special Project:

Chakali People Team


We have a team of two evangelists (Joshua & Matthew) who have committed to going to live within a group of the Chakali people in NW Ghana, to introduce them to Christianity, and to minister to them.
We need to raise funds to support and transport this team, providing the men with a small house, salaries, health insurance, ministry supplies, emergency funds, two small motorcycles, fuel & maintenance, etc.
It is inspiring that these two courageous and committed individuals are willing to step out in faith. A number of generous donors have already jumped in to get the ball rolling, but we need others to come alongside and help this team be the Hands and Feet of Christ to the Chakali people.

Fund Details...

Chakali People Team
Donated to Date: $
Goal: $
Total Remaining 
79 %

**Note: Amounts shown above are updated manually after donations are processed..

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