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Our staff team oversees the mission's work in Ghana on church planting and mission trips, medical outreach, community development, and Christian education.


Executive Director

Wisdom Nyador

For more than a decade, Wisdom was actively involved in GCM and ministry in various capacities. These included children's teacher, youth leader, music director, and associate pastor. Before becoming executive director in 2021, he was the member care coordinator and communications director for GCM, serving all missionaries and church planters in the field. He is married to Rebecca and is blessed with two children.

Development Director

Enoch Nyador

Enoch is a native of Ghana and has been married to Lydia, a family doctor and ophthalmologist from Ghana, since 1984. They are blessed with three grown children and two grandsons. He has a bachelor's degree in Christian Ministries from Ghana Christian College and a master's degree in Divinity (with honors) from Emmanuel School of Religion (now part of Milligan College). For more than 30 years, Enoch served as the first director of Ghana Christian Mission. He began a sabbatical in 2021 and will return in a development role afterward.

Short-term Trips Coordinator

Raphael Gunu

Raphael serves as the coordinator for health and short-term trips. His duties include coordinating activities of the GCM clinics and medical outreaches for short-term teams.

Church Planting Coordinator

Hayford Ahiabu

Hayford is the coordinator for church planting. He visitsto encourage, pray, and plan with the evangelists. He also organizes retreats and seminars to mobilize and motivate local leaders of the churches for growth and development. Before assuming this role in 2016, he served as a church planter among the Ntrubo people, who are located northeast of the Volta Region. Hayford has been married to Joyce since 1983 and is blessed with 4 children.

Rita Dotsey

Accounts Assistant

Rita serves as an accountant, secretary, and receptionist for GCM. She believes understanding why God put her on Earth is one of the most important principles when it comes to discovering her unique purpose and calling in life.

Pastor, Schoolmaster

Richard Ntim

Richard oversees Faithway Christian Academy and a 300-member congregation in Accra. He is a very hard-working witness and teacher.


Samuel Dzobo

Samuel is a dedicated evangelist who wants to see nothing but Christ alone in people. As a result, he resolved to enter all the communities, witness to the people, and plant churches in all of them. He is very prayerful and cares about lost souls. Samuel is pastoring 21 churches planted through his efforts and has baptized over 1,400 converts. He is married to Patience and is blessed with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

David Akpesey


David is the evangelist in charge of the Transformation Christian Church in Awutu-Papaase, among the Agona people group in the Central region of Ghana, who are mostly farmers and traders. About 55% of the people there are idol worshippers, Christians 35%, and Muslims 10%. He has been the evangelist of the church since 1995, baptizing 350 converts. The church has started a Christian school, now at the 6th-grade level and with about 200 children.

Olivia J. Assor

Clinic leader

Olivia is the nurse in charge of the Kumdi FAME clinic in the Northern region of Ghana, among the Nchumburung and Konkomba people group. She has delivered more than 1,600 babies in the last 10 years at the clinic, which is the closest for 30 miles. Her passion is delivering babies and taking care of pregnant women, and she acknowledges God's presence as she says she has never lost a baby.

John P. Newman

Church planter

John oversees 6 churches in Nkwanta and its surrounding villages, where there are more than 21,000 people and 45% are idol worshippers and 25% are Muslims. He resigned his teaching job to become a full-time church planter. He has been married to Christiana since 1986 and is blessed with 4 children.


Francis Addae

Francis was baptized in 1980 and was taught leadership skills by the missionaries he served as he developed interest in serving the Lord. He now works among the Gonja and Komkomba people groups in the East Gonja district at Salaga and its surrounding villages in the Northern region of Ghana. He sees his mission work as God's gift to him.

Jonathan Sapeh


Jonathan and his family have been on the mission field working with FAME Ghana since 1992, and he has served as a cross-cultural evangelist at Kumdi, among the Nchumburung and Konkomba people in the Northern region of Ghana. He faces major challenges of a high illiteracy rate and idol worshipping among the people in his area.

Sampson Darko


Sampson is the evangelist of 5 churches among the Akyode people group in the Nkwanta district in the northern Volta Region. Farming and petty trading is the major occupation of the 12,000+ people there, about 70% of whom are idol worshippers. Sampson is married to Mornica and is blessed with 4 children.

Paul Akuteye


Paul is the pastor of Garden City Christian Church at Oduom in Kumasi, in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He joined GCM in 2002, started the church, and has baptized more than 300 new converts. Though his church is a mixed people group, the Ashantis form the majority of the people he ministers to. Paul has been married to Ruth since 1989 and is blessed with 3 children.

Anthony Mbenimbe

Clinic staff member

Anthony is the assistant nurse of the Makango GCM clinic at Salaga in the Northern region of Ghana. Makango is a remote village near Lake Volta with 15 surrounding villages. He serves among the Gonja and Konkomba people there, where about 65% of the people are Muslim.

Felix Nsejamesi

Clinic staff member

Felix is the cashier of the Kumdi FAME clinic as well as the assistant to the pastor of the Kumdi Christian Church. The church and clinic work among the Chumburu, Konkomba, Basari, Chukosa, and Kabela people groups. His is married to Juliana and is blessed with 2 children.

Bismarck K. Kassata


Bismarck is a native of Ntrubo and is the GCM evangelist of the Ntrubo Christian Churches. He gave his life to Christ and was baptized in 1997. Upon discovering his potentials as a strong and dedicated young Christian, he entered Ghana Christian College in 1999 and graduated in 2002 with a degree in Pastoral Ministries and Christian Education.


Ernest Nyador

Ernest has been the evangelist of the Akplale Christian Church since 1996 and has baptized over 600 converts. His major vision is to get the numerous idol worshippers in his area to repent and turn to the Lord. He doubles as a nurse and evangelist, which has helped him witness to patients who sought medical treatment. His work as nurse and pastor has led to decreased idol worship in some villages, which has led to stiff opposition from them. However, he remains focused with the Lord as his power.

Eric F.K. Nyador


Eric is the GCM evangelist of the Good Shepherd Christian Church located at Baatsona in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Ministry can be difficult with many focused on their businesses in his area. Christians are the majority with 60% of the population, but 20% are Muslim and another 20% are idol worshippers.

Kingsley Nyindam


Kingsley is the GCM evangelist at Tatindo in the Zabuzu-Tatale district in the Northern region of Ghana. He evangelizes among the Basari people group, who are 70% Muslim, 15% idol worshipping, and 15% Christian. He is married to Abena and is blessed with 3 children, though sadly one was lost.



John evangelizes among the Nchunmurum and Konkomba people in the Northern region of Ghana. He has baptized more than 100 people there, which is 70% Muslim, 20% idol worshipping, and 10% Christian. He is married to Justine.

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