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The seed of cross-cultural evangelism was planted in founder and first executive director Enoch Nyador’s heart during his days of ministerial training at Ghana Christian Collage (Ghana, West Africa, 1978-1982) and Emmanuel School of Religion (Johnson City, Tennessee, USA, 1983-1986). The seed was watered by the late Dr. Robert Reeves, former Executive Director of Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism (FAME), who met him and his wife, Dr. Lydia Glover-Nyador, in Johnson City in 1985 and agreed to partner with them in medical missions in Ghana.


Ghana Christian Mission was therefore incorporated in Ghana in 1987 under the name Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism Ghana (FAME Ghana). FAME mentored and served as forwarding agent in the United States for the ministry until 2007 when Ghana Christian Mission obtained its own status as a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization in Indiana.

The specific purpose of Ghana Christian Mission is to multiply life and hope in Ghana and beyond through making of disciples in four major operational ways: Church Planting, Medical Outreach, Christian Education, and Community Development. Through Church Planting, we equip indigenous believers to evangelize their communities, with emphasis on Unreached People Groups. Through Medical Outreach, we provide physical and spiritual care for the sick, while through Christian Education, we make schooling and a bright future available to Ghana’s children. Finally, through Community Development, we support initiatives that strengthen and improve urban and rural areas.


While we believe the greater ministry of Ghana Christian Mission is in the future, we celebrate the work of 21 church planters who have started 220 churches; have baptized 11,000 people; and continue to reach more Unreached People Groups, such as the Chakali Outreach started in 2018. We celebrate over 70 medical staff members serving in 7 clinics who have treated over 600,000 patients. Our two schools have over 400 students, and many community development projects continue all over Ghana through the ministry of Ghana Christian Mission.


We give all the Glory to God.

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