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Special Project:

Vehicle Replacement Fund


For the ongoing work in Ghana, solid, well-built pick-up trucks (higher road clearance and 4-wheel drive capability) and well-built motorcycles are a must to accomplish all aspects of ministry--to get supplies to the 6 rural medical clinics and many churches, to carry new converts to be baptized, to take ministry staff to visit and encourage church planters in remote places, and more.

With nearly 30,000 miles a year on those rut-filled roads, and several years of use, vehicles wear out! 

Purchasing a truck in Ghana will cost $48,000. Good motorcycles are $3 -4,000.

Fund Details...

Ministry Truck Fund
Goal: $
Total To Date:
Total Remaining:
3.3 %

**Note: Amounts shown above are updated manually after donations are processed..

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