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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

From all of us at Ghana Christian Mission, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! As we come to the close of 2017, we are thankful for all of you who have stood by us this year and participated in the work that God was calling us to. This marks the end of another year of growth and progress at Ghana Christian Mission. By God's grace and with your prayer and financial support, we were able to treat 24,158 patients in our clinics and baptized 606 new converts. We provided lunches to 1,000 school children with Manna Pack Rice freely donated by Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).

We are incredibly proud of our staff and all the hard work they invested in the mission this year. We are constantly inspired by their dedication, their love, and their hope. And we are immensely grateful to you, our loyal partners, for all the love, prayers, support, and encouragement you have given us this year. Without you, we would be unable to carry out the work that God has entrusted to us in Ghana. Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to another year working together to love, serve, and empower the Ghana people!

Your Love is Flowing

January 2, 2017

A new clean-water well was drilled, fitted with a mechanized pump and is now providing clean drinking water to the residents of Salaga, Ghana.   This well is located in the Ghana Christian Mission compound in Salaga in north Ghana.   At the dedication ceremony of this well on January 2, 2017, Pastor Addae said:

“l, Evangelist Francis Addae and my family, the entire church and neighbors surrounding our mission compound wish to express appreciation to IDES who donated the funds to drill this well for us so that we may have clean water to drink for our families. Since we are in the dry season, there is no water around except this well until the rainy season starts in May or June”.

As part of our development & sustainability efforts, Ghana Christian Mission has partnered with IDES over the years to provide fresh, clean water to citizens of Ghana.   Clean drinking water is essential to healthy living and a clean-water well is a very tangible way for us to display God’s love and provide a foundation for sharing the gospel of Jesus.

Ghana Christian Mission wants to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters and donors, as well as thanking our partner IDES.   To learn more about IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service), please visit their website at:  

To help us provide more clean-water wells and other services in Ghana Africa, please consider a monetary Donation to Ghana Christian Mission.  We’re a 501(c)3 Non-Profit corporation which allows your donation to be tax-deductible.



We are grateful to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) for donating a 40-foot container of Manna Pack rice to be used in a three-year nutrition research project in 4 communities. The container of fortified rice has been delivered to the 4 Communities. Over 1000 school children in four schools in four villages will partake in a research project being conducted by Metrix Research Group to determine the impact of the nutrition program on the children, their parents and the entire communities. Once again, we thank FMSC for their partnership with us.

FAME and GCM partners hosted a research team in September and October visiting four communities in the Volta and Northern Volta regions to collect information about community health practices, basic sanitation and quality of life in preparation for the yearlong feeding program to provide balanced nutritional lunches to nearly 1500 students, teachers and staff. More than 1300 students and 500 community members in these four isolated villages participated in the first part of a yearlong research project designed to measure the impact that the food program has on personal health, community health and education. 

Team members measured the height and weight of all children to track the nutritional impact of the food. Group discussions about what children eat, water source, sanitary practices and health education helped provide a background on the communities and help local and national leaders necessary information to create strategies to ensure that the food program has maximum impact. Many of the children eat an imbalanced diet primarily consisting of starches and so while one in five are underweight or at risk of being underweight, many more children with healthy body weights are malnourished. Many children do have access to clean water via borehole pumps, many students living on the outskirts of the villages do not. The majority of students do not practice safe hand washing, proper malaria prevention and have limited access to healthcare as hospitals are often nearly 50 kilometers away from these communities.

Parents completed a community health and quality of life survey to provide a broader background on the community and to provide a point of comparison to gauge the impact that the feeding program has on the communities beyond just the nutritional benefit. Secondary school students were trained to conduct interviews and gathered feedback from nearly 250 community members about how the community has been growing and changing. All of the communities provided volunteer cooking staff who underwent basic health screenings and participated in workshops to ensure proper food preparation for maximum nutritional value, emphasize basic sanitation and health practices to protect children's health and explore creative ways to enhance the food. The team will return two more times throughout the school year to monitor the same factors and measure the change and impact of this exciting collaborative effort. 

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