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A Son is Born

A son is born, and the world rejoices.

Over 2.6 billion people all around the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior JESUS.

That is a huge number. Many of them have activities lined up for this season. Churches have planned activities of engaging both members and potential members to celebrate this season.  However, there are still about 5.4 billion people all around the world who do not care about the birth of Christ or absolutely have no idea that He was born into this world.

As we celebrate the season, may we remember the larger number who are not as privileged as we are. Let us remember that their knowledge of this great hope and salvation completely depends on us. It depends on the decision we make today. That is to be involved in missions by either Going, Praying or Giving towards missions.  Ghana Christian Mission is completely dedicated to the saving of the unreached. That is why in 36 years, we have faithfully responded to the call by going to the hardest places and sharing the Gospel. The truth is we could not have done this without you.

Therefore, during this Christmas, know that you are a reason why over 15000 people have been baptized and over a million people have been treated in our clinics.

Unfortunately, there are more out there that need to be reached. We can get to them together with you. Please continue to pray, give and support us as we strive to reduce the number of the unreached.

We do take this opportunity to wish our dear partners, who have been the backbone of our story, a merry Christmas. May the world around us rejoice over the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Merry Christmas.

From Executive Director Wisdom Nyador, and the GCM U.S. Board


Please join us in prayer as follows:

• Thank God for the arrival of the container from FAME in the USA.


• Thank God for the successful retirement service of Sam Dzobo.


• Thank God for Yona Lati who is taking over from Sam.


• Pray for the Addae Family and GCM as we mourn the death of Mary Addae.


• Pray for the season to bring hope to many who are lost.


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