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Addae: Funds Needed for Ministry Transportation

Francis Addae works among the Gonja and Komkomba people groups in the East Gonja district at Salaga and its surrounding villages in the Northern region of Ghana.

The following is Francis' latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

I want to use this opportunity to give thanks to God for many blessings He has for us in the month of July.

God has protected my family; He has also provided for our needs. All my travels were successful and the plans of our enemies were nullified.

I also thank God for the ministry. It is a big challenge, but in all God is so wonderful to the leadership and strengthens us for the field work.

These are our prayers needs of both family and ministry:

In my family, we still pray for our daily bread and protection for the month of August.

I also need prayers for my children’s education and God’s provision for their fees.

I am still praying for help for the mission house. The house needs renovation because, presently, we have to collect rainwater even on the beds when it is raining.

About the ministry, we are praying for our needs to be met:

1. We need a motorcycle and bicycles for the leaders to deliver or discharge their duties.

2. We need monthly support and means of transport for Pastor Isaiah.

3. We are praying for strength and understanding for the work we do.

The entire leadership is appealing for sponsorship for their children’s education.

In all, we are praying for our donors who have always ensured that our monthly salaries have been paid.

May God bless you all.



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