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Addae: Prayers Entering 2020

Glory be to God for the month of November.

My family and I have been protected from all the plans of the wicked. May God be the glory.

I also thank God for His mercies towards my family. From January till now, our God is so faithful to us by providing our needs and healing our diseases.

We also thank God, for when we cried out to Him about our home renovation, he listened unto us and now room leakages are a thing of the past.

Our family prayer requests

  • We need prayers in order to enter 2020 with all my family.

  • We are requesting good and long health.

  • Should grant travel mercies through the rest of the year and beyond.

  • More prayer for Faustina, my daughter who has joined the third year SHS students to rewrite WAEC at Yeji.

About the ministry

We thank God so much for protection and guidelines He has given unto us up to now. God has strengthened our churches from the beginning of the year until the end of November with hope that December will reach all the members in the churches.

We also thank for a brother whose name is Anthony, who has developed an interest to go to Bible college to acquire biblical knowledge to help the fieldwork to win souls for Christ.

We also thank God for a successful prayer and fasting period.

I also thank God for a soul that accepted Christ and been baptized into the Kingdom of God. This baptism was done by Pastor Isaiah at Nikata PCC.

Our ministry prayer requests

  • I pray that our prayer and fasting yield more fruit.

  • God has lain on my heart to bring together and cook for my Sunday School Children in the communities where we have our churches and also feed prisoners at Salaga prisons since we teach them every Thursday in every week. I need both your prayers and financial support.

  • We need prayers for all the GCM workers, both office staffs, evangelists, clinics staffs on the field, as well as our elders in the churches for protection and provision to all their needs, and also for carrying them to see the end of this year and beyond.

  • I am asking prayers for Brother Anthony to have support to go for the Bible course in Tamale in order for him to use his God-given talents to become a trained person to win souls and disciple them for the Kingdom of God.

  • I need prayer for those donated for the mission house to be renovated.

  • This, my prayer, goes to Pastor Isaiah to have a motorbike and financial support in the ministerial work he is doing.

  • December 19-22: There is a crusade at Afayile on Binbela road. Therefore, I need your prayer support.

  • My last prayer request goes to our brothers and sisters who’ve put it upon themselves to support GCM. May God bless them and provide to all their needs.

May God see us through as we enter the Christmas season. God should also protect us from accidents as we are approaching Christmas conventions.

Special Request

Our church at Nikata off the road to Ekumdi is requesting for a school. The community does not have a school. They started one, which had about 100 and more pupils, but due to financial difficulties the school collapsed and the children are just wandering and wasting their childhood. Therefore, the community’s opinion leaders have approached Pastor Isaiah to ask FAME Ghana to take over the school to save the children’s lives from staying home without schooling.

The church in Nikata and the entire community are looking forward to hearing positive feedback from you by the grace of God.

Thanks sincerely,

Pastor Francis Addae (Evangelist)


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