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Celebrating a Lifetime

Celebrating a lifetime service of in the ministry. The Story of Eric Nyador.

It is Christmas, it is time to remember the role of the shepherds and the wise men during the birth of Lord Jesus. As we celebrate His Birth, we pray that for peace on earth and Glory to the King. In this newsletter, we also celebrate Eric Nyador who is bringing his active ministry to an end.

Pastor Eric Nyador was born 70 years ago in the Volta Region of Ghana. After graduating from Ghana Christian University College in 2002 and completing his internship program under the late Pastor Francis Nyarko at the Bethel Christian Church in Golf City Tema, he planted the Good Shepherd Christian Church at Baatsona, Spintex Road in 2004.

The church, which started under one canopy in a wooden structure is now worshiping in a one-story building which is still under construction.

His dear wife Mrs. Veronica Boateng Nyador, children and few others were the early members of the church. With an average attendance of 100 people, the leadership is made up of 10 elders and deacons, two other pastors who are supporting him to evangelize and win new converts into the kingdom of God.

Since the beginning of the church, he has baptized over 250 souls. Blessed several marriages, among other activities. The mission statement of the church is “Winning souls into God’s kingdom and teaching them to remain in Christ to maturity.”

Word from Pastor Eric Nyador: I am very grateful to you all and want to use this opportunity to thank God for all that He has done for us. I also thank Dr. John Caldwell, Dr. Enoch Nyador and his wife, Dr. Lydia Glover Nyador for their support. God bless you all.

Pastor Eric Graduation 2002 Working On Church Access Road, 2004

Prayer Points

Thank God for the Conventions that were held different locations to mark the birth of Our Lord Jesus.

Thank God for over 60 souls that were baptized during this period.

Thank for all the people staff, Management and Board of GCM

Thank God for all Partners who have faithfully supported GCM


Yeboah Ernest Junior.

Benwoko Clinic

God’s favor and unconditional love always abide with us in Jesus Christ our Lord and King.

We thank God for His numerous miracles by prayers and medicines at the clinic, introduction of IRED folder less software in operation, which began on 17th November 2022, May Jesus Christ continue to bless Fame Ghana Executive Management team for greater works to the glory of God.

Devotion and clinical works are still ongoing to the glory of Elohim, Jesus Christ our Lord and the Holy ghost.

It is our prayers that, our King ​and Lord Jesus Christ will continue to make us the salt and light at Benwoko and its surrounding towns and villages, which will lead many to the salvation grace of God in Jesus Christ, and they will become Christians.


Akplale Clinic

Glory and honor be to God who is sustaining the facility till now.

The month of November was very successful with normal activities ongoing.

Though, many of the staffs are serving their annual leave, the rest are doing their best to serve humanity.

Early this month, an PA, was introduced to the staff to work. He has not started work yet but we are very grateful to the Management Team for providing this person.

I seek your prayers for good health, unity and total collaboration among the staff.

Felix Nsejamese.

Kumdi Clinic

We give thanks to God for the great things the Lord is doing in Fame Clinic Kumdi. It is so wonderful.

I also thank God the healing that is going on, all this is from God who work through the staff.

On the 11/30/2022 we had a Labor case which the woman delivered safely, but after some time, the woman asked the nurse to help her to stand. Sadly, she passed out in trying to stand. But for the intervention of the nurses and prayer support she became conscious and has been healthy since then. Glory be to God.

2, project.

We thank God for the construction of three room to aid accommodate the increasing number of patients. We thank God for our sponsors, the staff and the management. God richly blessed you all.

Paul Tevi Lawson

Loagri Clinic

We bless the name of the Lord for his gracious presence among us. Many lives received healing through the hard work and sacrifice of the staff. We also appreciate the total collaboration between the staff and the church leadership.

Our prayer is that this coming month also get the same benediction.

We finally thanks FAME and its supervising and coordinating team for their Constance effort and commitment to assist us and respond to our needs.

May the Almighty God bless all of us.

Francis Addae,

Makango Clinic.

We thank God for the month of November. Both the entire Staffs Nurses and IGF workers are all doing well. Staff have continually shown their commitment to clients by promptly attending to them and also attending all devotions led by the chaplain.

We also want to give thanks to the Management team who helped the facility to receive drugs.

We also thank the Staffs for unity and hard work done in the month of November. Therefore, we want to ask a prayer request for Fame Clinic Makango team to continue to serve any clients who will come to the facility for help of treatment in the month of December as well.



Paul Akuteye is in his 20th year of effective and successful ministry in the Ashanti region of Ghana. In all, he has been preaching for the past 40 years. He is still energetic and high passionate about reaching out to win many more souls.

In the Kumasi churches, two faith giants who were buried on the 5th and 12th of November 2022 respectfully in Kumasi. The bereaved families of Isaac Gwamena and Elder Thomas Nkrumah said I should express their profound gratitude for both your support in cash and prayers which had helped them during the burial and funeral.

The Domeabra church had an annual offering and thanksgiving service came off successfully on the 6th of November 2022. The church at Odium is still trusting God for funds to help them complete their church building. Your partnership and prayer support are highly appreciative.


Praise the Lord for a successful end of the month of November. We God glory for the souls entrusted to my watch who doing well by his grace.

The church had our usual all-night service to usher us into the last Month of the year. We request you to kindly pray for the flock of the Lord to remain faithful to the service to the Lord in these difficult times. These challenges have begun affecting Church attendance.

My family and I want to express our gratitude to our sponsors both home and abroad for their support in kind and in cash.

We request you to pray for more souls to be won during the Christmas conversation which comes up on the 15to18 Dec.22. One more request we have is that We solicit your support for water in the mission house. Is the dry season we spend a lot on water. We trust God will provide.

God bless you and your families beyond measure.


Thanksgiving. Our Lord is good all the time, and all the time our Lord is good.

We thank Almighty God for his grace, mercy and blessings upon us.

I once again thank God for my daughter she has gain admission as a student at Kpembe Nursing Training College, and we have made part payment for the admission, glory be to God.

Prayer Requests.5Pray for our Christmas conversation in Kpandai on the 12/15/22.

Pray for us to win souls into the kingdom of God.


Praise God for the month of November. This month saw a lot of excitements and very serious challenges, we give God the glory for his faithfulness. Our daughter became critically ill, but the good Lord intervened, we give God praise for that.

Four ladies were baptized at Moatong.

The sick poor widow is recovering very slowly. The foot has been amputated, we appreciate the little support and still asking for more.

Continue to pray for the growth of the church both spiritual and numerical. Also pray and support some of our young men acquire training at the bible school.

The economy is having serious effects on us and families. We pray for God’s provision

Continue to pray and support our churches that are struggling to complete their Church buildings.


Greetings from Salaga and its vicinities.

My family and I are very grateful to God for giving us protection and provided to our needs through the month of November. Looking at the many trips I took in the month of November, all I could do is to say to the Lord am so thankful. At the same time, I would like to thank God for protecting my wife, we were at the Hospital on the 28th of November, and she is fine, except the lab. text shown that her white blood was low and needed extra care. I also thank God for blessing my son Robert to secure a job at Fame Clinic Kumdi as an accountant.

This is a family prayer request

1, On behalf of my family we are asking prayers for my wife health. The bills, the cost of medication and the transportation is really draining our finances.

2. Prayer for my son Samuel who is writing to better his grades in order for him to continue his education.

3. More grace to all my family during the month of December

About the Mission,

The Churches are doing fine and the leadership are also working hard to visit the Churches.

In our last meeting we agreed to have a Christmas Convention at one of our branches starting from 15th to 18th December and the theme is “Who is a Christian”.

1. Pray for a successful Christmas Convention and for more souls to be won.

2. For a Motorcycle to use to cut the cost of my fuel expenses. Because hikes in fuel prices, my visits to Churches have become expensive very expensive.

3. Pray for funds to continue the Salaga Church building project.

4. Our Churches under Trees to get a pavilion.

May God bless us to work very hard in the month of December 2022 to bring glory to God.

Finally, prayers and Thanks also goes to our sponsors and leadership.


Greetings in Jesus’ name. Peace and love to all. We give glory to the Lord. For keeping us alive under his precious grace and power.

One (1) new born named in the church. Another new student missionary has come to stay in Loagri for 10 months. Now the road to the church of Sohou is available after the raining season. Pastor Nathaniel and myself have started visiting them.

A group of 5 youths has recorded 5 gospel songs to glorify God. Looking forward to launch it officially in January 2023. We pray for another gracious and fruitful month in our communities.

Thanks, and may God bless all of us.


Thank God for a joint worship service we had with at Awutu Adawu Kwao near Bawjiase. This joint worship service has been very helpful to both churches since we started it about three years ago.

We also hosted PISTIS Christian Churches, Southern Sector District A Church Leaders meeting at Awutu Papaase on the 20th of November 2022.

Pray for our Men Fellowship leader, Mr. Peter Ametefe who has been very sick for some months now and is recovering slowly.

Pray for his total healing.

Thank you.


Thanks be to God for the month of November has ended well and in peace in the name of 0ur Lord Jesus Christ.

My main activity for the month is visitation. The entire month I visited all of our members at their homes to see their well-being challenges over the year and also to pray and encourage them all.

Secondly, November was the month of preparation towards Christmas convention. Lessons preparation and also looking for funds for transportation.

Prayer support;

This year by the grace of God we didn't encounter any death in all of our churches.

So, we need your prayer support that God will do the same coming year.


To God be the glory for great and wonderful things he has done, our God Almighty is great and he has helped us to go through the month of November with Victory.

I thank God for the entire church of Afram plains south Maame Krobo District for his grace on us the church is moving on in Victory and the number of memberships is increasing by his grace.

I cannot forget to thank God for my family he has been gracious to us and so merciful for taking care of us through the years under review.

Our prayers request is that may he continue to be on our side till Victory become ours and we are looking forward for good health and prosperity.


We praised God for being there for us always. The good Lord had cared made provisions and bestowed upon life. We praised The Lord for His faithfulness toward the Churches and my family. Although we faced many challenging situations, God had made ways of escape. The Lord had brought seven new souls and were baptized into the body of Christ. Attached are their pictures


We bring you greetings from Borae no2 Christian churches.

We praise and exalt the name of the most high God for his protection over the Pastor's, elders, members across the district. By the Devine intervention of God, the following activities where possible in the district.


The national executives of the women ministry lead by the president (Dr Lydia Nyador?) With a team of four 4 executives paid a visit to the Borae district on the 18th November 2022.

All the women across the district met at the central church (Borae).

The visitation brought a great revival in women ministry and the church as a whole. On the last day (Sunday) door to door evangelism were made by the leading team and the women ministry at Borae.


By the grace of God, four (4) souls where immersed (baptized) on the 13th November at Borae. And also on the 20th of November twenty (20) soul where baptized at borae.


We need your prayers that souls won to Christ at Borae, would get deep rooted in Christ Jesus.

Thank you.

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Dec 27, 2022

Glory be to God for the great works He's doing through His stewards!

May the good Lord empower you all for greater works in 2023.

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