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Celebrating Life of Kumdi Elder, Baptisms

Jonathan Sapeh and his family have been on the mission field working with FAME Ghana since 1992, and he has served as a cross-cultural evangelist at Kumdi, among the Nchumburung and Konkomba people in the Northern region of Ghana. He faces major challenges of a high illiteracy rate and idol worshipping among the people in his area.

The following is Jonathan's report from the mission field in December. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Pistis Christian Church, Kumdi, regrets to announce the sudden death of beloved old man Elder Abraham Jelema Pakenjo, yesterday at 8 p.m. Burial is taking place at Kumdi today.

Kindly keep Kumdi District 2018 Christmas convention at Kojoboni, which has begun today, December 20. The picture is this evening’s church service.

In all 8 people received baptisms at the convention.


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