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Celebrations of a Ghanaian Church

John Kpormegbe serves with Ghana Christian Mission in Ghana, Africa.

This is what the Lord has done by bringing all of us together to celebrate Jesus Christ; it was a very lovely and blissful moment in the Church.

This is a love feast for workers in the Lord.

We had the moment of praise in Christ Jesus! the living God at the watch night.

Greetings to everyone in the Lord. We thank God for his mercies and grace upon us, throughout 2018 till this day. Help me thank God for sponsors and spiritual advisers in the Lord. These are Plainfield Christian Church and pastors Riley Weaver and Enoch Nyador. I am grateful to God for everything they have done and are going to do for me, the Church, and my entire family. Happy New Year, Good Health, and Long Life for all of us. At least no death and serious sickness recorded; we are all fine. All we need is your prayers for the churches and my family as well including leaders in the PISTIS Churches for Strength. At December 30 and 31, we had a fantastic moment to the glory of God and as time comes by we will invite you to join us to celebrate Jesus Christ. We are praying for all of you to keep doing the good works the Lord has laid on your heart to do, and l will also keep doing what has been entrusted in me, and impact same into anyone who comes around me. I pray that this year should be a fruitful year of bumper harvest in the name of our Lord.


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