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Chakali Project Update

Greetings from Joshua, church planter committed to serve among the Chakali People Group.

God is good all the time in everything that He has called us into doing for Him amongst this unreached people group, despite the numerous setbacks.


January: As the beginning of the year has seen a systematic progress through the efforts of our Directors and his executives coupled with our prayer supporting teams all over the country and beyond for the success of the Chakali Mission Project.

Currently, the whole land is cleared off by the trees and the borehole too, is done with and awaiting the electrification for mechanization. Two of the rooms are also wired including the doors and the widows yet to be fixed this week.

I have also submitted documents to the Director of VRA office at Wa for valuation of the place for our light extension and meters. I still am prayerfully hoping for their response.

Besides, some of the parents and one of the chiefs have brought their children to add them up to those kids I have been teaching after school.

I strongly believe that there will be the need of school and a Sport Ministry here in the near future as a medium to which we can reach out to their Moslem parents through their own children.

Moreover, I would humbly want you to know that my brother, Godfred Musah Yahayah, as my co-partner has eventually left the mission field for couple of months now. He has quit. “He is no more interested in working with us any longer,” according to him.

I currently am all alone now, trusting the Lord with prayer for a new loyal and faithful partner in the future towards the disciple making and church planting movement of the mission.


I thank God my language learning is also improving by grace.


Since prayer is the ultimate source to everything one can achieve by grace, I have set a time apart for prayer and fasting. Studying, meditating, and re-examining the Scriptures is my priority.


1. Funds for the light extension, wiring, and completing the building project.


1. For His grace, protection, and tender love.

2. We thank God for our donors.


1. For a committed and reliable team player partner.

2. For financial support both within and abroad.

3. Projector and a projector screen.

4. A speaker.

Thank you.

Your servant,



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