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Church Continues to Feel Effects of Recent Medical Outreach

Joseph Haruna serves with GCM in the Salaga district in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The following is Joseph's report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By his grace and constant protection, we are all doing well.

This is another time for me to give thanks and glory to His Name as I always do. So, I want to continue to give thanks to Him for my life, my family, as well as the ministry at Salaga district in the Northern Region of Ghana. I also did not forget to give thanks to our partners in the foreign countries who are supporting us for this mission that keep it going on well, including all our daily needs.

The beginning of this month of September has been a very helpful to our ministry at Salaga here in which we all need to thank God for, especially the medical outreach which took place the last few weeks ago. In fact, the program of the medical team, including the teaching workshop, has been encouraging for most of our churches as well as the entire communities where it took place despite challenges of bad roads.

We are still going on with our fasting and prayers program in our churches, but also added a follow-up program we planned during the medical program. During the program I led in counseling, sharing Christ and praying with many who were not Christians. We made plans to follow up on them. But, the problem for us now is the flood. Some of these communities have been cut off. What we need is your prayers for the recession of the flood.

So, I end here with many greetings to everyone.


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