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Communities Thankful for Medical Outreach, Ask for Prayer for Flood Victims

Francis Addae works among the Gonja and Komkomba people groups in the East Gonja district at Salaga and its surrounding villages in the Northern region of Ghana.

The following is Francis' report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

I want to use this opportunity to praise God for what He has done for me and my family. I can’t finish counting His blessings one by one. By His grace, this academy year my son Robert Addae has got admission to further his education under Kumasi Technical University. Not that alone but also, God has granted Faustina Addae, my daughter, the strength and wisdom to write her Re-sit papers. He has protected my family from the evil one.

During the month, my family was able to cook for more than 500 people from four communities where four medical outreaches were held. May God’s name be praised for this opportunity he has offered my family and me.

In the ministry, the churches are giving thanks to God for his protections. The churches from the four communities who received the medical care during the medical outreach are also grateful to God and the medical team who came to their aids. We also thank God for a successful time in fasting and prayers. During the prayer and fasting we were praying for GHANA CHRISTIAN MISSION works and donors as well as travel mercies to all who took part in the medical outreach and pastors who participated in the seminar.

Prayer Requests

About my family: We need God’s provisions and protection during this month in terms of food, travels, and good health.

I also need prayers for my children who are in schools to do well in their studies and to Faustina, my daughter, to pass her exams since we are waiting for the results by November this year.

The ministry has a lot of needs such as roofing sheets, help for the Elders of the churches to have motor-bikes to visit of the churches, and fuel to go to the villages. Many of our Church members are becoming victims of flooding; farm lands are washed away, fishermen are crying as their nets are being destroyed by the rains, and some have become homeless because of the flood.

Thank you for your support and encouragement to us in the field.

The first two photos are of destroyed fishing nets. The third photo is of rotting yams and cassava.


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