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Darko: Need for New Motorcycle

Sampson Darko is the GCM evangelist of 5 churches among the Akyode people group in the Nkwanta district in the northern Volta Region. Farming and petty trading is the major occupation of the 12,000+ people there, about 70% of whom are idol worshippers.

The following is Sampson's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for His continued work:

Praise the Lord for His unfailing love toward mankind. Especially those of us who have giving our lives to Jesus Christ. Please thank God once more for ushering us into another month. The entire members of the churches in the Akyode area, the Adele, and the Ntrubos. Please praise God also for my family, how far The Lord has brought us, and the provisions the Lord has made available in our lives. We still need your prayer support daily in the ministry and in our family. Many are the challenges that we face, but the Lord has always made a way for us to stand firm. My motorbike is out of use due to an engine problem. I do spend a lot of money on the maintenance. Please help me; I need a new one since this one is beyond repairs. The body of the bike looks new, but I have used it for over 15 years.

Above: Motorcycle and pupil studying under tree. They need support to raise a structure.


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