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Fasting, Prayers, and Church Visits as Christmas Approaches

Joseph Haruna serves with GCM in the Salaga district in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The following is Joseph's report from the mission field in October/November. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Dear fellow worker in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who loves and cares for us all the time. May His name be praised forever.

Once again I will like to give thanks to the Lord for my life, my family, and His ministry as well as for the grace He has given me and all the good things that are part of it. I also want to thank Him mainly for my health which I continue to live till now.

Last September we ended the month with medical outreach and prayers, but this time around we are putting down some new plans which will help us handle the end of this year in the best way.

Before the medical outreach program, we had already embarked on our monthly fasting and prayers for the churches here at our District in Salaga, and so we later on continued to the end. Apart from that we were also in a constant visitation to the churches until the rain made it difficult for us, but now that the rain has stopped, we have resumed that seriously. Last month I mentioned the need to follow up to those we served during our medical outreach, which we are on that too.

Now our new plans are on the focus of the end-of-year program, which is the Christmas and the New Year season. So plans are going on whether we will hold a Christmas convention or at least a film showing the life of Christ, we are yet to conclude. So remember us in prayers.

Ending here with much greetings.


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