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Field Report: Akplale Christian Church

Ernest Nyador has been the evangelist of the Akplale Christian Church since 1996 and has baptized over 600 converts. His major vision is to get the numerous idol worshippers in his area to repent and turn to the Lord. He doubles as a nurse and evangelist, which has helped him witness to patients who sought medical treatment. His work as nurse and pastor has led to decreased idol worship in some villages, which has led to stiff opposition from them. However, he remains focused with the Lord as his power.

The following is Ernest's recent report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work where Ernest serves:

Thank God for blessing my family in many ways. Enyonam Nyador was given a deep freezer and ice chest by the Social Welfare Department of Ghana for her disabled arm.

I am grateful to God for the invitation given me to attend a workshop by Mission Resource Ghana (photo below).

The Church delegated four of us to the National Retreat Conference.

Thank God for sustaining the church despite some deaths.

Praying for good job with better pay for my daughter Ruth.

Praying for protection for my family.

The Church prays fervently for Mission Resource Ghana for being the source of blessing to many who benefit from their loan scheme.

The Church lost two members to be given befitting burial.


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