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Field Report: Leaders Retreat at Kumasi

Prince Yevu is a pastor serving with Ghana Christian Mission.

The following is Prince's report from the mission field in July/August. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Leaders in retreat hall
Leaders Retreat at Kumasi

I thank God Almighty for his wonderful love for his Church. July has just ended with its many blessings for his Church. We are fortunate to be blessed with many activities such as monthly prayer meetings locally and at the district level. Also, every Friday evening, prayer for the churches and also our donors and the work at large was done.

We won 10 souls in the month of July, but I am preparing them for baptism in August.

Leaders Retreat at Kumasi: I want to use this platform to thank God Almighty for this wonderful leaders retreat, and the presentation from the various speakers in the retreat (Pastor Enoch, Pastor Ganyo, Pastor Ahiabu, and others) was a wonderful meeting. I pray that the years ahead of us will be more than this.

May the Lord God Almighty take us through to the month of August ending to report more success than the month of July.


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