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Field Report: Paul Akuteye in Kumasi


Paul Akuteye is the leader of the Pistis Christian Churches in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana.

I am privileged to be pastoring in Kumasi from the year January 1, 2002, till now. We had a successful celebration in the months of April–June 2019. There are several opportunities for the growth of the church in Kumasi to explore; hence, we need your prayer support.

Our greatest challenge is how to organize our home cells. We thank God for ushering us into a healthy quarter of the year. We have a healthy church. We always enjoy every weekend and weekdays services. Our fellowship is warmer, our discipleship is deeper, our worship is stronger, and our ministry is broader. Our evangelism is also deeper.

We concentrated on building people. We thank God for the lives of two of our church elders.

The women’s fellowship leader and the assistant men’s elder who were diagnosed of trigeminal neuralgia. Please pray for their healing just as God Healed me two years ago when I had the same disease.

I also thank God for the lives of my wife, the children, and myself.

I ask for God’s protection for the youth of the church and those who are gone back to school.

I pray that those who are discouraged because they don’t have jobs, to secure one.

May you keep us in your prayers as we prepare to host the national council meeting in Kumasi on June 25-27, 2019. On June 26-30, 2019, the three assemblies will come together for a revival service. The whole church is fasting from June 23 to June 30 in support of a successful national council meeting.


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