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GCM Staff Reports -- July/August

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover July and/or August.

Prince Yevu

Afram Plains South: Maame Krobo District

I give glory to God Almighty for His protection and granting us the strength and the ability to serve Him. Although we are in difficult times, the Lord Almighty is our banner. I thank God for the life of my family in these difficult times. Also, the second thanks go to God Almighty for the life of the entire church, for protecting and blessing them with healthy life.

Annual prayer and fasting month, which was held in July, has successfully ended. We are trusting that after the prayers our faith will be put to work for blessings.

Please pray for the church, which has just started a charcoal purchase and supply business. The purpose is to raise funds to support the needs of the church. I thank God for this vision, and I pray for more blessing.


John Kpormegbe

Thank God for yet another day and month. The churches at Banda are doing well by grace. I believe you are also in good condition. Hallelujah! We had Thanksgiving service last week throughout the churches concerning how God has delivered all of us from this unprecedented virus, which has slowly taken people by surprise, but our dear Lord is in TOTAL control. Praise be unto the Lord in the highest! God is working miracles every day, as He keeps us healthy and free from the virus. May the souls of those who have died from the virus rest in peace.

Please join me in thanking God for the four people who were baptized last week and a boy this Sunday. We are happy and praying for them to grow in the sweet name of Jesus Christ. We also need your prayer support for us all. We humbly ask for God's magnificent blessings, and good health next month. Thank you all and may God richly bless us all.


Paul Tevi

Praise God for His goodness. Greetings in the name of our Lord from the North East Region here in Ghana. We thank God for making it possible for our students to write their final (ongoing) exams amid COVID-19. A student called Favor with a strong Muslim background has also given her life to Christ after several weeks of sharing the Word of God with her. We were also able to renovate the church of Soho through some support financial support from FAME Ghana and others’ benevolent work from the community. Brother Peter who was sent in Loagri community for one year of national service and evangelism left us on August 18. We wish him well. We are still praying for Christians in remote communities in this crucial time.


Francis Addae

I and my family together with those who staying with us in the mission house are thanking God for what He has done for us in the month of July.

Glory be to God for His kindness, mercies, and compassion towards us.

I am still thanking Him for Hhis protection and guidance to my family while the coronavirus pandemic is still over all our country.

I am also thanking Him for granting safe journey through the month of July from many travels.

I need prayers to God to come successfully through the month of August.

This is the time we also need extra care of protection and guidance from God through financial support.

I am also requesting prayers for my four kids who are in school writing their exams to have good grades in order for them to continue to their next level.

About Missions

Thanks be to God who made it possible for our churches to start Sunday service in the later part of July. We were very happy to thank God for this opportunity given to us to worship in large groups.

We the Elders feel so glad for the services of our churches.

Thanks be to God for all His provisions He has rendered unto us.

All our churches are doing fine. Our wives and children are also having good health.

These are our needs and prayer requests.

1. We are praying for helping the lives of our donors.

2. The entire churches pray for Pastor Isaiah and the family to have monthly support.

3. We are to pray for our friends in the USA, for God to protect them during this COVID-19 pandemic.

4. We are to pray for our nation Ghana for this crucial time.

5. We also pray for our brothers and sisters who are affected by the disease, that God should have mercy on them and heal them, both Ghanaians and our other countries.

6. We thank God for two souls who were baptized by Pastor Isaiah. May God be with these people to remain in the Lord.


Ernest Nyador

1. I want to express my sincere gratitude to God for His abundant blessings on my family and me.

2. I also thank God for protecting my family, church, siblings and me.

1. The church is thankful to God for sustaining members and keeping them safe.

2. The church is blessing God for organizing a youth seminar for members. The theme is "Can the youth survive without God? Psalm 119:9.” Group One discussed Ecclesiastes 11:9. Group Two, Proverbs 3:5. Group Three, Exodus 20:12.

1. I request prayer for successful marriage for my son Bright.

2. Praying to God for my daughter Ruth to have a suitable partner.

1. The church prays for members’ safety and sustenance.

2. Evangelism continues involving all sectors of the church.


Daniel Liwamor

Two more souls have given their life to Christ at Bombari Pistis Christian Church this month. They had been baptized in the church of Pentecost some years ago.

Secondly, we have started pastor’s welfare funds toward retirement, transfer, and any other emergency cases.

Thirdly, I thank God for my family and the church for giving us His grace.


Joshua Lodo


Greetings from Joshua, church planter committed to serve among the Chakali People Group.

I thank God for His goodness and mercy towards me and His tender love for the Chakali communities.

The month of July has seen wonderful transformation in my various mission activities as the tension of the COVID-19 has eased. Though, the observance of the protocols are being upheld. My plants are doing well, despite the absence of rainfall over the past three weeks, causing the maize to be at the verge of yielding to wither.

I have resumed my usual house-to-house visitation of praying, sharing the Word, coupled with my stay-home Bible studies (SHBS) with my children. Everyone is doing well.

Now, by the grace of God, I can read and write the Chakali language, form short sentences, and speak gradually with understanding as I continue to learn from the children and Pastor Alex on my visitation and stay with him.


  1. For His blessings and guidance.


  1. Rainfall.

  2. For God to open up the heart of the Moslims especially, their children to His Word.

  3. Financial support for the Chakali Mission Project to develop a playing ground for the children and the youth of the community.

Thank you,

Your servant


Felix Nsejamesi


We thank God for His mercy, in this time of COVID-19 pandemic. By the grace of God the churches are still meeting in their smaller groups.

Church Planting

The plans to start a church at Takinado are still on course. In the first and second week of September, God willing, I will start a church at Takinado.

I have been using the P.A. speaker to preach the Gospel in the communities.

Prayer Requests

Prayers for my family, my wife, and the newborn baby. The naming ceremony is coming on August 22. And pray for my children’s education.

Prayers for video projector for evangelism.

May our good Lord continue to bless as all in Jesus’ name.

Report for June


We thank Almighty God, for by His grace given us a baby girl, even though my wife passed through cesarean. By the grace of God she came out healthier.

We thank FAME staff and our sponsors for their prayers and financial support. We are saying God richly bless you.

I once again thank you for the motorbike, which was given in September 2019. That is the motorbike I used to the hospital in Kpandai when my wife was in labor.

Thank you. May the Lord Almighty God richly bless you, and may His grace and peace be yours in abundance. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Kingsley Nyindam

July update: No baptism was recorded. We are so thankful for the heavily subsidized Konkomba Bibles. The requisition of these Bibles is making a huge impact on the lives of many people. The literacy rate in Likpakpaln is greatly improved, and now we have a deeper understanding of the Word. Bibles per head is also increased, and many people carry their Bibles to church. More of these gestures will be very much appreciated. Church activities are gradually picking up as the COVID-19 restrictions are being partially lifted.

Prayer Needs: Pray for the growth of the church, both spiritually and numerically. Our toilet is out of use and is posing a health hazard. The main gates to the mission house and the nurse quarters need to be fixed to prevent animals from entering the house.


Bismark Kassata

“I humbly request you to support our K in prayers. On July 30, I decided to take a prayer walk through town. On my way, I met a young pregnant lady who looked so worried. I approached her to find out why she was worried, and she said since she got pregnant (six months ago), she had always had a dream of a man telling her that she will die the delivery day. In the dream the man keeps telling her not to tell anyone about this or else he will kill her, and indeed she couldn't tell anyone until I met her that day.

I took her to my house and encouraged her that we have a Savior whose name is Jesus. If she accepts Him as Lord and Savior, the man who has been appearing in her vision will not appear or come to her again. To the glory of God, she accepted Christ into her life and since then, K has not that dream again (one month now).

I humbly request you to support K in prayer as she goes into her final stage of pregnancy. Pray for her spiritual life, as she will be rejected by her family and husband should they know she has accepted Christ.

This is the same situation with several other Muslims who have come to the Lord Jesus. They mostly hide their faith or must move away and survive on their own.


David Addy Akpesey

Transformation Christian Church at Awutu Papaase.

Two Things to Thank God for in The Family.

1. Thank God for protecting our family from the COVID-19 pandemic and other illnesses during this period.

2. Thank God for providing the daily needs of our family.

Two Things to Pray for in The Family.

1. Pray for my wife who lost her aunt who brought her up. The burial and funeral is on August 16 at Dzokplenu- Agave.

2. Pray for our daughter, Linda Sena Akpesey, to get employment in any public health institution in Accra.

Two Things to Thank God for in The Ministry.

1. Thank God that Transformation Christian Church has started normal worship services on the second Sunday of July. This was after the ban on public gatherings was lifted by the president of Ghana.

2. Thank God for a very successful marriage program in our church between a young man and a young lady who are members of our church. This program took place on July 25.

Two Things to Pray for in The Ministry.

1. Pray for our church members to remain faithful to God even in this COVID-19 pandemic period.

2. Pray for the financial strength of church, as we have bills to pay and allowances to pay as a result of the ban on public gatherings/suspension of Sunday worship services.


Paul Akuteye

Paul Akuteye is a leader of the Pistis Christian churches in Kumasi, Ashanti Region of Ghana. I am privileged to be pastoring in Kumasi from January 2002 till now.

We had a successful celebration in the months of June and July 2020. There are several opportunities for the growth of the church in Kumasi.

We thank God for ushering us into a healthy quarter of the year. We had not encountered any bad news. No one was dead. We have a healthy church. We always enjoy every weekend and weekday services.

We concentrate on building people. I also thank God for the lives of my wife, children, and myself.

I ask for God’s protection for the youth of the church and those who are gone back to school.

I pray that those who are discouraged because they don’t have jobs, to secure one.

We request your prayer support for God to touch a benevolent person or society to come to our aid since we are doing our possible best to complete the Odoum two-story-building auditorium.

We are grateful to the president of Ghana as in a televised address on Sunday night May 31 announced that churches can be reopened from the June 5. We therefore reopened our churches in Kumasi on June 7. We have been able to obey the president’s restrictions. Therefore, on July 11 and 12 we were able to bless the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Agbeadon. It was very colorful. The burial of the late Mrs. Estella Brampong will take place on August 1 in Atwima Boko in Kumasi.

Help me to pray for a supernatural overflow of God’s favor for the three churches in Kumasi. I also request your prayer support for a financial breakthrough for all the pastors, elders, the workers in the church, and our sponsors.

Please kindly join your faith to our faith as we pray for church members to see and occupy many spaces created for them by God Almighty.

May God richly bless you for your partnership and support for a brighter new year 2020 for us all.


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