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GCM Staff Reports -- July/June

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover June 2021 and/or July 2021.


Greetings from Joshua and Matthew, church planters from the Chakali Mission.

Glory be to God our loving Father for His love and mercy over us!

Our fellowship with the kids is all good despite the challenges, coupled with our visitation and interactions with the people of the communities, having devotion together, fasting and praying for our personal growth in the Lord also at play.

Brother Matthew is also trying with the help of the children as well in learning how to speak the language too.

Our farm crops are also withering for lack of adequate rainfall.


  • For His love and protection over us

Prayer Requests

  • For strength and wisdom to cope

  • For financial open doors

  • Sunday School learning materials and children playing kits

Bismark Kassata

I send you greetings from Brewaniase Ntrubo where we are working for God. We trust you are doing well by His grace. We are all doing well and appreciate your support so much.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago, a sister left us and joined our brothers and sisters in heaven.

Despite the good things in the Lord, we still have a lot of financial difficulties. But we still trust the Lord in our lives.

We also request you please pray for my family and the church.

May good Lord bless us all.

Ernest Nyador

We are very grateful to God for His provisions and blessings for us.

My ministry is surviving daily by His grace and love.

We’re praying for good weather, as Dzetorkoe, Akplale, and Wormenyi churches intended to have joint service on July 4. The purpose is to raise funds for Wormenyi to start chapel project.

I also pray for the Holy Spirit to touch hearts to donate in abundance.

John Kpormegbe

Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe every one of us is doing well; we're also doing great by the grace of God. His grace is sufficient to all the church members as well.

Unfortunately, one of our devout members at Ahenfie Branch fell and broke her leg on her way to sell at one of the villages. She is with one of the herbal treatment centers near Zongo on the Chinderi Road; please pray for her full recovery.

I thank God for the leadership of both Ghana Christian Mission and the Fellowship of Associate of Medical and Evangelism for making medical outreach and planting of churches become a reality, of which I'm one of the beneficiaries. Praise be to God in the highest! I thank God for all sponsors and donors as well as Plainfield Christian Church who are key partners of this great commission. I pray that, YOU ALL KEEP THE FIRE BURNING. Praying for you all. May the Lord Almighty Bless us all.

Kingsley Nyindam

Thank the Lord for the month of June. All the churches are doing well. Even though no baptism was recorded this month, one naming ceremony and a wedding were recorded.

Prayer needs: Pray for the growth of the church both in numbers and spiritually. Pray for us and our families. Pray and support our churches that still meet under trees. This is a real challenge. Pray for the clinic that the Lord's name will be glorified.

Also pray for this newly wedded couple.

Eric Nyador

Glory be to God for taking us through half of the year 2021. Though there was no baptism during the period, we are still praying and doing serious evangelism to harvest new souls.

There was Father’s Day celebration on Sunday, June 20, and Good Shepherd celebrated all the men in the church and prayed for all men worldwide.

A successful wedding ceremony took place at Good Shepherd on Saturday, June 26. The couple is from Borae PCC and their senior Pastor, Sam Dzobo, officiated the exchange of vows. It was done in Accra because the couple has now relocated here.

One of our brothers in the church lost his father and Good Shepherd mourned with the bereaved family during the burial on Saturday, June 26, at Salt Pond in the Central Region of Ghana.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray with us against the new strain of COVID-19 in Ghana.

  • Pray with us as we prepare to host a youth program of the southern section of PCC, Ghana on Saturday, July 24.

Thank you and to God be the glory.

Felix Nsejamese

Thanksgiving: We thank Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ for His grace and blessings upon my family and the church. On June 11 was Stephanie’s one-year birthday and Godfred’s 15th birthday was on the June 22. Emmanuella’s birthday will be on July 16. Glory be to God.

Last week, Godfred, Benedicta, and I were down with malaria and by the grace of God we have all recovered and on our feet.

We went to Dalando on June 26-27 for a revival church service.

Prayer Request: Pray for my family and the churches.

Sampson Darko

I praise The Lord for what He is doing in our lives and that of the church members as well. He has provided for our families and friends what we need in life.

I am grateful to God for his blessings upon my family and friends as well as our school.

Kindly pray for the KERI primary school. The daily challenges we face are sending the school off the end of the cliff.

Paul Tevi

From North East Region, we are sending our greetings in the Lord to all. We are also grateful to the Lord as His grace is still sufficient for us. We thank God for sending Abraham and his wife Esther, myself, and my wife Rita to be ordained in our sending church at Paradise Christian Church (June 20). We thank God for the 11 souls baptized this month. Our appreciation to the entire church for their prayers and financial support. We thank you all for praying and supporting.


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