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GCM Staff Reports -- March/April

The following are the combined staff reports from the various GCM staff. They cover March 2021 and/or April 2021.

Kingsley Nyindam

We thank God that nothing unfortunate was recorded in the month of March. No baptisms were recorded this month. Church attendance is picking up now. The Tatale church which was closed due to COVID-19 is now open.

Prayer Requests

  • Continue to pray for the growth of the church both numerically and spiritually.

  • We need to also keep our churches that still meet under trees and thatch shelters in prayer and support so that they can have decent places of worship.

  • Please pray for a new motorcycle that will facilitate my movements, because the car cannot access most of the places I work at.

  • Pray that the rains will come so that the farmers can start planting.

Daniel Liwamor


  • I thank Almighty God for taking us through another month. He deserves the glory.

  • Secondly, three persons gave their lives to Christ at Bombari. This includes Mr. Akwasi Dominic and his son Akwasi junior who gave their lives to Christ on the same day. The father and son are now a part of Christ’s family and join the father’s wife who has been a member of our church for the last ten years.

Prayer Requests

  • Firstly, let's all pray for Akwasi and the rest of the new souls that God will sustain them to remain in the church.

  • Secondly, there will be a program at Najiro (one of the target villages in which I want to start a new church) on April 30 to May 2. Please pray for the program to be successful.

Felix Nsejamesi

I want to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the souls of the six who received their baptism in January.

Prayer Request: Prayers for the growth of churches and the new souls.

John Newman Peni


Praise God for saving my life from a motorcycle accident on my way to Tutukpene to visit the churches. I was crossed by a tricycle rider at the cemetery area where a burial was taking place. I sustained a deep cut on my foot even though I was wearing wellington boots. The cut was stitched and by God’s grace am getting better.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my wife Christiana Newman who is facing challenges which need the intervention of God. May God deliver her.

  • Pray for my family for God’s protection.

John Kpormegbe

I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are all fine by the special grace of God. The churches are also doing quite well.

When I was away from January to March, God provided life and strength to all the people in the church. While I was away due to stress, you have helped me with your prayers and God intervened; I am very much thankful for your prayers and support. Even when I went to mourn with my mother-in-law for the loss of my father-in-law, you have been a pillar around me, especially Director Wisdom Nyador.

I returned to Banda on March 14 and we did our Easter celebration which has ended April 4. Hurray!!! Our dear Lord Jesus is risen! Hallelujah!!! He's the reason for the season. The church also decided to use this opportunity to raise funds to complete the building and it was successful. We are waiting for your generous donations to make it happen.

I also decided to visit the churches and while visiting, I noticed three needs and those are pipe, projector and pavilion. Though we are not in normal times, the church is fervently praying and hoping for God's intervention, not forgetting you at all. Please pray for provision to help some of the churches in the village to have potable drinking water. We also pray for a place to worship our God because the rainy season will soon start and churches under trees will not be able to worship. We ask for God's grace to keep the Pistis family in peace. God be with us all.

Bismark Kassata

We send you greetings from all churches in the Ntrubo Area.

We're doing well by God's grace. The churches are doing well too in Jesus’ name.

We request for your prayer support for my family and the family of God that they will stand firm in the midst of all temptations.

We also request you to kindly pray for our youth; they're the future of the church and they are moving to the cities to look for greener pastures and before they returned home, we lost some of them.

We are still grateful to the Lord for how much He is watching over us.

Richard Ntim

Janet Tetteh from Faithway and Jonathan Abokyi had their wedding ceremony on March 27 at Faithway Christian Church.

Prayer Request: For the newly marriage couple to stay faithful to the Lord and to each other; also pray for Sister Leticia Odoley who lost her baby at birth last weekend.

Paul Akuteye

The month of March, which is called Ghana Month, brought good tidings to US ALL in Kumasi. Pastor Prince Adu-Narh, resident pastor in the Pistis Christian Churches located at Anwomaso in Kumasi, had his wedding blessed in October and was blessed with a baby girl in January 2021. On March 21, there was a naming ceremony at the Oduom Assembly.

Prayer Request

  • Kindly join us as we all pray for the youth in the church. There has been a lot of indiscipline among some of them. Please pray for a radical revival as we also try to implement some necessary measures to ensure discipline is restored.

David Addy Akpesey

Thanksgiving: Thank God for two people who joined our church in March. They are Madam Aki Amartey, who is in her sixties, and Mr. Korku Amuzu, who is in his late twenties.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the financial improvement of our church because we have projects that we need lots of money to execute.

  • We need prayers for the works/jobs that our members are engaged in to be profitable and rewarding.

Eric Nyador


  • Thanks to God for always caring for us.

  • Good Shepherd took part in national fasting and prayers towards the 2021 Easter convention sermons online from April 2 to April 4.

  • The church building project is progressing steadily.

Prayer Requests

  • Join us to pray for those affected by the deadly COVID-19.

  • Let us pray for the PCC National Youth Executive for their mission trip to the Eastern region of Ghana for evangelism.

Paul Tevi

We are so glad for the lives of two newborn babies in the church. We are also grateful to the Lord who has blessed and used Pastor Enoch Nyador for so many years as Executive Director of Ghana Christian Mission. Let's all of us pray for our new Executive Director to also uphold Enoch's heritage.

Jonathan Sapeh


  • Praise God for the joint service held at Tadando Christian Churches for the members from Tadando and Kpandai. We hold it every last Sunday of every month to enhance both spiritual and financial growth of both churches. We raise funds whenever they meet to support the churches.

  • We praise God that Kumdi District Christian Churches have roofed their two-bedroom house.

Prayer Requests

  • I pray for the completion of the building to serve visitors’ place to lay down their heads any time they visit Kumdi.

  • Also pray for a toilet facility for the mission house because there is none currently.

The roofed two-bedroom house

Kpandai and Tadando joint service

Mathew Nwedo

As a planter committed to serving among the Chakali people, I thank God for the gift of life for my family, for the life of the Chakalis and for the Pistis family.

And it's my prayer that the Lord will continue to change and touch hearts, minds, and souls of the Chakalis to know the true God.


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