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Giving Thanks and Praying for the Churches in Nkwanta

John Newman oversees 6 churches in Nkwanta and its surrounding villages, where there are more than 21,000 people (45% are idol worshippers and 25% are Muslims). He resigned his teaching job to become a full-time church planter. He has been married since 1986 and is blessed with 4 children.

The following is John's report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:


1. We are so grateful to God who has been faithful to us by protecting us from every harm.

2. Thank God for healing my wife. She was sick and admitted at the hospital, but she is well now and discharged.

3. Sunday services have been carried out successfully without any interruption.

4. Two youth members in the Nkwanta church had undergone surgical operation successfully, and by grace they are doing well.


1. Pray that God protect us from every evil force.

2. God should continue to provide for our needs and also bless our partners for supporting us.

3. God should protect the members from false doctrines and false prophets.

4. God should bless the members so that they will be able to meet their daily needs and also give to support the church.


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