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Indiana Church Helps at Akplale

Samuel Dzobo is a dedicated GCM evangelist who wants to see nothing but Christ alone in people. Samuel is pastoring 21 churches planted through his efforts and has baptized over 1,400 converts.

The following is Samuel's most recent report from the mission field:

Report on the Visit of PCC 8-Member Team to Akplale

Akplale Nurses Quarters has been roofed in March. This building, which shall house about eight nurses of Akplale Fame Clinic, needed to be completed.

An eight-member team from Plainfield Christian Church (Plainfield, Indiana), led by Pastor Riley Weaver, arrived on May 4. After safe arrival at KIA, the team was driven to Dzidzorfe Hotel, Godzekpota.

Sunday worship service was inspiring and exciting when four Plainfield church members joined Akplale Christian Church with handkerchiefs in dancing to the glory of God. The other four worshipped at Wormenyi with Pastor Enoch.


The team had enough fun with boys and girls of the community. Local workers freely speak broken English language with the team in admiration of all.


The chef, Mrs. Patience Nyador, is a great cook. She served the U.S. team with local food like fufu, banku, sliced yam, sweet potatoes, guinea fowl, oyster, lobster, etc., for their enjoyment.


Three electricians, three carpenters, six masons, seven tilesmen, one painter, eight PCC team members, six water fetchers, and three Fame staff totaled 37 men and women on site. The team joined in painting of window frames, cut and fixed window louver frames and blades, mixed cement mortar for the masons, and picked up trash from the compound.


The team took a visit to Alikekorpe, where we sat down to enjoy fresh coconut by the riverside. The team went on a boat ride from Dzidzorfe to the Volta estuary, where the river enters the sea. Lunch was served by the Aqua Safari at Ada for our enjoyment. Back in Accra, we visited the Art center souvenirs shops. From dinner, we drove to Terminal 3 at KIA to end the exciting 8-day visit by hard-working Plainfield Christian Church team.


Plastering, windows, doors, tiling, electrical wiring, etc., has been completed. Left to do is ceiling, painting, and electrical fittings.

I want to thank everyone, especially the PCC team, for donating cash and practically putting their energies to the wheel of progress of the nurses quarters.

I hope another team shall witness its completion and commissioning.

God bless you all.


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