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Join in Prayer for Transformation Christian Church in Awutu

David Akpesey is the GCM evangelist at Transformation Christian Church in Awutu.

The following is David's report from the mission field in September/October. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Thank God for Augustine Akpesey, who was sick for two weeks but has now recovered and gone back to school. Thank God for providing us with our family needs.

Join us in prayer for our rabbit and grasscutter farming to be successful. Pray for the Akpesey families, as my older brother Joseph Kwesi Akpesey, who is our family head, lost his wife. Pray especially for him and his children and the Akpesey Family at large.

Two things to thank God for in the ministry: Thank God for a very successful Prayer Month Program in September 2018. We also thank God for all the students from our school who have got admission to their various high school of their choice. Pray for financial breakthrough for the members of the church so that they can give generously to finance the programs and activities of the church. Pray for a very good school bus for Christian Transformation Basic School in order to bring children from the surrounding communities.


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