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Lessons Learned From Tamale/FAME Meeting

Joseph Haruna serves with GCM in the Salaga district in the Northern Region of Ghana.

The following is Joseph's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Greetings in His name again for His continuous mercy in our lives that has never failed. It is for that mercy which all of us are alive and rejoice in daily. This is why we will never forget to express our gratitude to Him just as I am doing.

Here again, I am calling on everyone, especially who are enjoying this priceless gift from Him, to join me with praises and thanks as usual to Him for my life, my family, his ministry, as well as other protection at Salaga District in the North here.

This month one of the most important meetings was held again at Tamale in the North here. This meeting included FAME staff pastors or church planters, as well as nurses who are responsible for medical duties and FAME officials in charge of the mission. The theme for the meeting was as usual “working together to spread the fame of Christ,” which means how the medical staff will work with the church planters peacefully for one purpose and one goal. We also deliberated on how to join hands together to raise funds from Ghana here to support the mission in Ghana as the mission work continues to expand.

This meeting was so critical because we all saw how it is needed to do so. But more importantly we were also taught new strategies about how to approach those who are generous givers, to give and support the missions work. Though no one can predict the outcome, the only guarantee we have is that with God all things are possible.

The last but not the least was also as usual, our National Easter convention which is coming on. We are all pulling our strength together in these last-minute preparations, and so we need your prayer support.


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