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Loagri Church Starting on New Building

Paul Tevi serves with GCM in Yzesi and Loagri in northern Ghana.

The following is Paul's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Can anything ever separate us from Christ's love?

Shalom to everyone in the year 2020. January was for us to give thanks to God for our great achievements as a body of Christ in 2019 despite the challenges. Our mission in their quest of spreading the Gospel gave us 25 new Bibles at the beginning. We were also present at the Tamale retreat under the theme "Growth in Unity," together churches, planters, and clinics staff. The aim was to review 2019 activities and strategize our plan to improve revenues and mobilization in the clinics under efficient teamwork.

Brother Elijah and his wife welcomed their first baby in the church of Yzesi. By the grace of our Lord and through the financial support of some external donors, we have started the process of building a new pavilion under the supervision of pastor Samuel Dzobo in Loagri. The chief there has expressed his great joy for it, because since the collapse of the old structure, the challenge has been when the church will get a new structure. With a new hope and commitment, we are praying to win more souls in Mampruse areas this year.

Testimony about the the new building at Loagri:

When we heard the news, it was like a dream for us. And the works have begun in the mission site here in Loagri, for the building of a pavilion. That will serve as a new center of our activities in the community. In fact, for so long all our weekly activities were done in a classroom. Even though the place was not too comfortable, we didn't give up. Just as John was exiled in the island of Patmos in a very hostile environment, he was fed with the strong revelation of things of the past, present, and future of the church. We were praying, pushing our request before men and God. And both responded to us. We are therefore very grateful to FAME Ghana, the generous donors, and Yahweh-Yireh. Sincerely we are very happy. The pavilion itself as a temple of God will cast His testimony in the community and will be filled with devoted souls.


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