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March Update: Francis Addae

By Francis Addae

February 2020 was a good month as God protected myself and the entire family and those who stayed with me at the mission house. By God’s grace, we had enough to even share with others who visited, lodged, and shared a meal with us. May His name be glorified.

I thank God for my family. We are doing fine, by His kindness and compassion.

I will not forget to thank God for travel mercies granted unto me and my wife on trip to my hometown for my sister’s burial in the month of February.

In the month of March, it is our prayer that God should carry me and entire family through as He did to us in February, including those in the mission house.

I am still asking prayers for my family, as I need to travel again to my hometown for my uncle’s burial, which will take place on March 27, and my wife’s uncle’s burial will also come on April 24.

I need your prayer support for all these travels, and also my life and the lives of my family.

About the ministry:

We thank God so much of the lives of the elders and their families through this month. God has being so good to us up and down to visiting the churches.

We also thank God for the help given to us in the final funeral of our Old Lady who died at Yakubupey PCC. By God’s grace the funeral is over and we raised 775 cedis to support her family.

We thank God for His mercies toward our works in Salaga and the protections given to all of us.

May God continue to provide for all our needs as tools to work and to see us through, both our wives and children.

Prayer requests for mission field:

1. I have surveyed a village called Accrape by the Volta lake, which is about 100 kilometers away from Salaga, and my prayer is that by the end of 2020, if it is the will of God, I and my helpers will move there and evangelize them for Christ. Therefore, we need prayer support.

2. Our prayer is to increase the numbers of the baptisms this year; therefore, we pray for God’s help.

3. Salaga are asking prayers for help in aid of their district church building.

4. I am asking prayers for Brother Anthony to have support to go for the Bible Course in Tamale in order for him to use his God-given talent to win souls for the kingdom of God.

5. We prayers for two of our branches, which are having challenges due to leadership and other matters.

6. This prayer goes to Pastor Isaiah for him to have a motorbike and financial support.

7. We pray support for a couple who has lost everything due to a fire outbreak on February 7.

May God see us through as we are in New Year 2020 to get all our needs and be equipped to work effectively to bring more souls to the kingdom of God.

I am here to report to you the couple who is in fellowship with us at Makango Pistis Christian Church. This couple has lost everything they have due to a fire outbreak in their house. The man is a fisherman and the woman is learning tailoring. In the afternoon when the man was still at work while the woman was also at work, a fire broke into their house, and before they came home, they could not take any item from their room. Everything of theirs was burnt into ashes, and both of them are now in need. Where they will sleep and what they will wear (clothing) as well as what they will eat has become a problem.

Therefore, the entire leadership of Makango PCC is appealing for assistance of aid. It can be iron sheet, clothing, fishing materials, because everything was lost in the fire. The couple lost four rooms and an oven for fish smoking.

I am attaching photographs of them.


In Christian Love:

Special Request:

This is a suggestion: Our churches at Nikata off the road to Ekumdi are requesting a school. The community does not have a school. They started one, which had about 100 pupils, but due to financial difficulties the school is not functioning any longer and the children are suffering. Therefore, the community opinion leaders have approached Pastor Isaiah to talk to FAME Ghana about taking over the school to save the children’s lives from staying home without schooling.

Thank you.


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