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March Update: John Kpormegbe

By John Kpormegbe

Good afternoon, dear workers in the Lord.

The Lord who watches over Israel has been good to all us, and He gives hope to Banda Christian Church and other branches in One faith, One baptism, and One Lord. I hope you are all fine, thank God. I pray and wish you well in your endeavors. My humble request from you is to join me in thanking God for helping us from the beginning of January to date and nothing happened. I thank Pastor Enoch Nyador for his help, prayers, and supervision. Also, I thank Riley and Plainfield Christian Church for their support both physically and spiritually.

The churches including Banda are doing well by His grace. The story hasn’t changed. The challenge about pavilions still outstanding, we pray that God will make a way. Be praying for the church and my family as well. We need the grace of God in abundance and strength to work for Our Maker.

In my previous submission, I stated and asked for your prayer support for two revivals that will happen this year. Thank God we are done with one at Borae Nkwanta, and 10 souls were won, baptized to the glory of God. We started on March 12 and ended on March 14. What I realized was that, since my projector’s battery and the speakers are not in good shape, I invited Pastor Dan, who came on Friday to Saturday. Fortunately or unfortunately, there was a light out and his projector was able to work more than 2 hours. Which means that, Pastor Dan’s battery and speakers are superb to work at where there are no lights. I pray that one day, I may also have the same to the glory of God.

I'm trying my best to organize and work on this statement put before us at the Tamale Staff Meeting. According to our Director of Fame, he said he wants winning and nurturing of the souls we won for Jesus. I will not stay at one place, rather going around the clock teaching and growing the young souls. I need your prayers.

The attendance was increased from 15 to 25 as of last Sunday.


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