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Pastors & Chaplains Speak From the Field in Ghana - July 2022

Bismark Kassata

The Ntrubo church had a 4-day retreat on the theme “Responsibilities in Marriage”. Below is a picture from the church program.

The resource persons came from Accra and Tamale Ghana.

We humbly request you to support us with prayers for good health for members and their families in these hard times.

My family and I are appreciative of your support both spiritually and physically.

May the Good Lord bless you and your families.

Pastor Prince Yevu

We give God the glory for the great things He has done.

I thank God Almighty for the life of my family most especially my children and my wife for being in good health. I thank God Almighty for the entire church – for their physical growth and also spiritual growth.

We need prayers for the entire church; due to the hard times, our building project is at a standstill, so we need prayer support to continue the project.

By God's grace, new souls have been joining our Sunday church service and we pray they remain with us.

Pastor Daniel Liwamor

Thanks be to God for the month of May has ended successfully.

First of all, I thank God for my life, my family’s and for all my coworkers in Christ.

I want thank God for the church and all the members and their family for His protection over their lives and their work at various places.

Three (3) persons gave their lives to Christ and have finally joined Bombari Pistis Christian church.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for my daughter who is in her second year of senior high school has been struggling with ill health.

  • Please pray for the three new souls to be rooted in Christ and the church.

Pastor Eric Nyador

We thank God for the gift of life

· The Assistant Regional Youth Pastor Kennedy Hormeku was sent to represent Good Shepherd at Faithway Christian Church when Pastor Richard W. Ntim was ordaining some church leaders as deacons and deaconesses

· Our church building project is ongoing

· Renovation of our broken church fence is also ongoing

· Preparations are ongoing to bury one old member by name Madam Georgina


· Unfortunately, on the night of May 30 2022 thieves, broke into our church office and stole some of our church musical instruments such as amplifier, an organ and a mixer.

Prayer Requests

· Pray for God’s intervention in the recent theft cases in our community.

· Ghana's and the world’s economy is in jeopardy; let us pray for wisdom for our leaders

to put our countries back on track

· Let us continue to pray for peace for the world especially Russia and Ukraine

Mathew Nwedo

Greetings from Nwedo Mathew a church planter committed to serving the Living God among the Chakali people. Glory and honor be to our Lord Jesus Christ and the Father for his love and mercy. Praise God for seeing us through 35 years of work for His Kingdom.

Prayer request

· Pray for God's guidance and direction in his ministry.

Felix Nsejamese

Our Lord is good all the time and He has done great things for us and He deserves a very big thank you. We thank God for our lives and that of our families, the church, GCM staff and leadership, and our sponsors.

And by the grace we bought nurse training forms for Happy, we are now waiting for them to call her for interview. By the grace of God, church activities are ongoing.

Prayer Requests

· Prayer for the spirit of soul wining in every member of the church.

· Pray for funds for completion of the church project.

· Pray for my daughter to be called for an interview and for her to pass the interview in

order to enter the nursing school.

· Pray for me to get video projector for evangelism.

Pastor Paul Tevi

Greetings in Christ Jesus. We give thanks to God for his grace upon us. One new born arrived. God has called a member into his glorious Kingdom. We have 2 new converts. The water tank in the mission house has been renovated. We need your constant prayers for security in our community. May God's Hand be upon all of us.

Pastor Akuteye

Kindly join us in prayer for the family of Elder Thomas Nkrumah who passed away earlier this month. He was a staunch leader and a financial support to most of our school children in the Senior High School level. The date of his burial would be on the 9th July, 2022.

Pastor Nyindam

We praise God for the month of May, we thank Him for keeping us and the ministry. All the eight churches I oversee are doing well. Work on the church building at Nambong is progressing slowly. Pray that work on the chapel will be completed soon so that we can have a decent place for worship.

No baptisms were recorded, but many people have received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and awaiting baptism due to lack of water.

· Economically, things are not working well due to the increasing inflation; we are struggling to make ends meet – we need prayers and support in this regard.

· Also, pray that that the Lord sends us rain, as the area is currently experiencing drought.

John Newman Peni

There was a women's enrichment seminar by Christian Leadership and Training Institute (CLTI) at Nkwanta and Tutukpene. The theme was “Responsibilities in Marriage - Women as wives”. The women were enlightened about their roles as women in marriage. I believe the teachings they had will bring transformation in their marriages. The participation of the women was encouraging.

Nkwanta Church raised funds for the completion of the mission house at the end of the seminar. Even though the targeted amount could not be reached, they have done very well because this is a hard time in the country.

Prayer Requests

· There are many marriage issues among church members. Pray that there will be understanding in our marriages so that our marriages will bring glory to God.

David Addy Akpesey

Thank and praise God for a very happy naming and dedication ceremony of the baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sappey. The ceremony took place on the 15th of May, 2022. The child is named Klenam Dzidula Kwame Sappey. The father, Mr. Michael Sappey is a laboratory technician and the mother Magdalene is a midwife.

Prayer request:

· Pray for the financial improvement of the Transformation Christian Church so that we can have the needed funds to continue work on our new chapel.

Greetings from Joshua, a missionary from the Chakali Mission.

Glory be to God for his loving kindness and mercy over me despite the challenges.

The month of May 2022, has seen some few activities like having some of the children of the community coming to join us on our Sunday family fellowship; the Bible story shared about the Shunamite woman really caught their attention of the children.

We have cleared some acres of land to grow some crops for ourselves, the mission house and for some needy ones in our community. By grace, we are also experiencing a moderate rainfall, giving way for all farmers here to start plowing for crop cultivation.

I am believing God with prayers that more miracles would take place.


  1. For His provision

  2. For the coming rain

Prayer Request

  1. For our parents

  2. For strength and wisdom to cope

Francis Addae

Glory be to God who has sustained both my family and the Churches. By the grace of God, we are all doing well and I want to use this opportunity to thank God for the health of my wife. This is the second time we will be going for a review which we will continue to have every 3 months. As am giving thanks to God for his mercies towards the healing of Mary my wife, I want to also thank all who stood behind us with prayers and financial support. WE are grateful for everything given to support our medical bills. May God richly bless all of you.

I am still asking prayer support for my wife to receive total healing from God, our Maker and and for financial assistance for our reviews.

The churches are doing fine and I am yet to visit them one by one to strengthen them in their faith.


  1. We need assistance with the Salaga chapel and at least one Pavilion for one of our churches worshipping under trees

  2. We need help for Elder Anthony to be trained to become one of the ministers to support the field work.

Pastor Yeboah Ernest

God is good, all the time. He continues in faithfulness and His love toward us forever.

Our Father always helps whenever we need Him; He strengthens the staff to work in unity to His glory in Jesus Christ our Lord. Morning Devotion still ongoing and the Word of life, who is Jesus Christ is still preached to the clients.

Ernest Nyador

I am very grateful to God for His protection and provision to the facility and staff.

We still hold devotions, pray and counsel clients and witness Christ to them.

The facility was blessed with an ultrasound device to boost delivery.

I request for good health and protection for the entire staff.

Pastor Felix Nsejamese

Great and mighty things that the Lord is doing in Kumdi FAME Clinic.

We thank God for the health management software installed and for the lives of all the staff.

We thank God for the lives of the leadership of GCM and our sponsors for their support both physically, spiritually and financially. Morning devotion is ongoing as usual; I also visit the wards almost every day to pray and share Christ to the clients to win them for Christ.

Pray Request

Pray for Punala Charity, Akwasi Alex and Abena Benedicta; they were baptized on February 27 2022.

We need your prayer support to start a church in their community at Agbajokura.

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Aug 02, 2022

We continue to pray for the total healing of Mrs Mary Addae and any other member who needs healing. May the healing hand of the Lord touch them mightily.

More grace upon all the missionaries and church planters in Ghana and across the world. Surely, your labour in the Lord will not be in vain!

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