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Planning for Two Church Buildings at Bombari, Bankamba

Daniel Liwamor is a pastor serving with GCM in Ghana.

The following is Daniel's report from the mission field in November/December. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

I thank God for how far He has brought us. Our God is able to do more than we think. He (God) has taken all our problems from the beginning of this year till the last month of 2018. He has healed all the sicknesses that was attacking both children and adults. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly, November was the month of preparation towards Christmas convention. The three pastors in Kumdi with our congregations are coming together to celebrate this occasion.

Thirdly, my major plans for 2019 include the finishing of Bombari church building. We are preparing for fundraising in February 24, 2019. We need an amount of 6,000 Ghana cedis [$1,200] to complete it. Also, we are planning to put up a pavilion for the Bankamba church. It means that the classroom church service does not help us. Also, it's my prayer that more churches will be planted in 2019; therefore, I need your prayers.


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