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Prayers From the Medical Ward

Belinda Ayumu serves in a Ghana Christian Mission medical clinic in Ghana, Africa.

The following is Belinda's report from the mission field in July/August. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

All service to man is service to God himself. As Christians all we do should draw others to know the God we serve. I believe every duty we perform is to draw men to God. The fear and love we have for God should help us draw others to his loving kindness he shows as always. With unity and togetherness, we can draw all men to God.

I pray God restore all what you spend in helping to raise us in the Lord. I pray heaven opens its floodgates not only to you but to your fifth generation. May his mercy and favor not run out in your lives, and may joy and strength be your portion all the days of your lives. And may his perfect will be done in your lives in Jesus’ name.

I pray for God’s protection, love, and understanding for my family. May he reveal himself to us as family and unite us back as one.

Secondly, may God help me in education as we climb the ladder. It’s getting tougher. I pray for wisdom, understanding, and most of all love and patience with all the people I meet in the ward.


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