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Prayers Needed for Burned Child, Bible School Graduate, and More

Francis Addae works among the Gonja and Komkomba people groups in the East Gonja district at Salaga and its surrounding villages in the Northern region of Ghana.

The following is Francis' report from the mission field in November/December. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Glory be to God for the month of November. My family and I were protected from the evil one. God is so good to us, may His name be gloried.

I also thank God for His mercies towards my family. From January till now our God is so faithful to us by providing our needs and healing our diseases.

Our request is:

1. We need prayer from God in order to enter into 2019 with all my family.

2. We are requesting good health and long life.

3. Should grant travel mercies through the rest of the year and beyond.

4. Needed prayer for my daughter-in-law who is in her final stage of pregnancy.

About the ministry

We thank God so much for protection and guidelines He has given on to us up to now. God has strengthened our churches from the beginning of the year until the end of November, which we have hope that December will reach all the members in the churches.

Even though we passed through a lot of challenges, but, in all, the Leadership played their role to support the ministry very well, which we are to give thanks for.

We thank God for the life of Isaiah Tiganayan, who dedicates his life for God to use to become a field worker and also thank GCM’s Executive Director, who has granted support to Isaiah when we appealed to him for sponsorship. He has graduated from Bible school with a Higher Certificate in Pastoral Ministries.

We also thank God for our sponsors, who one way or the other make sure to raise funds to support us, the Evangelists, in the ministry.

Our prayer request

1. It has been our prayers always for our churches worshipping under trees to have their own worship places. We still ask prayers for those churches to have assistance in order for their aim to come to pass.

2. We need prayer support for Abelekora PCC, who have lost a member, and burial will take place coming January 10, 2019. We need prayers for his family since the widow is pregnant. The man who has passed away is from Dzebetato in South Tongu in Volta Region.

3. We need prayers for our Sunday school child who was burned and admitted at Salaga Government Hospital Emergency Unit. Even though she was discharged, she still needs our prayers for total recovery and from her pains.

4. Still praying for Gbetepo PCC and Abelekora PCC, who have their boards ready to have a shelter to have their church service without Iron Sheets. These two churches need our prayer support for God to answer their prayers.

5. In the Christmas [season], our program is to Show Films to Evangelise to Communities we have our churches in, in order to strengthen the members and at the same time looking for New Souls for the Lord. Therefore, we need your prayer support for the program to be successful and also to get the finances to buy fuel for our trips, also for the generator.

6. God has laid on my heart to have a get-together as a Project in Christmas to cook for my Sunday School Children in my communities where we have our churches and also feed Prisoners at Salaga prisons since we teach them every Thursday in every week. I need both your prayers and financial support.

7. We need prayers for all the GCM workers, Office Staffs, Evangelists, Clinics Staff on the field, as well as our Elders in the Churches for God’s protection and provision to all their needs. Also to carry them to see the end of this year and beyond.

8. I am asking prayers for Isaiah Tiganayan, who is just graduated from Leadership Training to do the Lord’s work in the field to win souls for the Kingdom of God.

9. My last prayer request goes to our Brothers and Sisters who’ve put it upon themselves to support GCM. May God be with them and provide for all their needs.

May God see us through as we enter into Christmas Season. God should also guild us from accident as we are approaching Christmas.


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