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Praying Along With PCC Banda District

John Kpormegbe serves with Ghana Christian Mission in Ghana, Africa.

Good morning to you and everyone.

I believe you are all fine like how we are and the churches at the North as well.

We as one of the PCC families Banda District were happy to remember the death and the second coming of our dear Lord Jesus Christ last Sunday. It was very healthy and successful by His grace. Glory be to God! Though many didn’t turn up, we hope better next time.

This, my noble thanks, goes to my sponsors at Plainfield Christian Church for not forgetting Pastor Riley and his wife, the Director of Fame Ghana Pastor Enoch Nyador for helping and blessing me till these days. We ask God’s hands on them.

We need your prayers and support to prepare the house of God. We are trying to mobilize some money for structures for the churches and get some instruments for Banda, Borae Nkwanta, Chabor, Nandi, Ahenfie, Majimaji and Buya. We ask for your intervention by cash and kindness, when touched and led by God.

I and the entire church are most grateful to the Director of Fame, Pastor Enoch, for helping our students in the Center for Pastoral Training and Mission. They have finished second semester. Hallelujah! We pray for you, the school, and the students as well for new life and grace in Jesus’ name.

I pray for long life and new strength always for everyone.



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