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Story of Man Turning From Idols

By GCM Staff

Ghana Christian Mission in the past 33 years has offered hope to thousands of people through church planting, medical outreach, Christian education, and community development. We have followed the pattern of our Lord Jesus Christ as He cared for the physical and spiritual needs of people.

Today we want to share a story of a young man who came to know Christ through a church planter:

"I met this young man called Richard, who was into idol worship and other divinations. Shortly after our meeting, he and his brother gave their lives to Christ. He later travelled to a different village where he was unable to attend any church. Upon his return, he joined old friends who lured him back to his old life. He stopped going to church from 2014 to 2019. During this period, he went deeper in the worship of idols and other spiritual practices.

He and his friends used charms to lure dozens of ladies into promiscuity. They consulted several fetish priests, malams (Muslim spiritual leaders) for various reasons. Notably among the reasons was the search of a supernatural power that will help them have a bumper harvest when they farm. Due to how they lived, they sought for strength from these priests to fight and beat anyone who angered them.

"Unfortunately, that year despite the goats, fowls, cola nuts, money, and alcohol for rituals, he had the worst harvest of his life. Secondly, he lost most of his fights he engaged in.

During all this period, I had tried to reach him, but the more I tried, the more he managed to hide from me. However, I never ceased to pray for him. I finally met him in 2019 and prayed for him. After some time, he rushed back to the church saying he had a vision to return to church and yielded to it.

"Now he is reborn and changed. He has newly rededicated his life to Christ and is well-committed to his faith. He is actively reaching out to his colleagues so they too will turn to Christ.

"Please pray for Richard and many others who are like him.

"Please pray for GCM to continue to give hope to many more people who are still searching for the Savior."


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