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Tatale Church Activity Increasing

Kingsley Nyindam is the GCM evangelist at Tatindo in the Zabuzu-Tatale district in the Northern region of Ghana. He evangelizes among the Basari people group, who are 70% Muslim, 15% idol worshipping, and 15% Christian.

The following is Kingsley's latest report from the mission field. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work:

Praise God for the month of October, for his grace and sustenance. The month was full of regular church activities such as prayer meetings, worship services on Sundays, visitations, and follow-up. The new church at Tatale is gradually picking up as we engaged in a vigorous evangelism and follow-up. No baptism was recorded.

Prayer Needs: Pray for the growth of the churches, most especially the new church at Tatale. We need to acquire land for this church. Prayer and support would be appreciated. Solar lamps are needed for our churches in the remote areas for services in the night. Please pray and support.

My motorcycle needs major repairs to enable me to get to places where the car is not able to reach.

Pray for my health and my family.


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