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Thankfulness and Prayers for the Church in Central Ghana

David Akpesey is the evangelist in charge of the Papaase Christian Church among the Agona people group in the Central region of Ghana, who are mostly farmers and traders. About 55% of the people there are idol worshippers, Christians 35%, and Muslims 10%. He has been the evangelist of the church since 1995, baptizing 350 converts. The church has started a Christian school, now at the 6th-grade level and with about 200 children.

The following is David's report from the mission field in July/August. Please join us in thanking God and asking for his continued work where David serves:

Two things to thank God for in the family:

  • Thank God for the actual take-off of my rabbit and grass-cutter farming.

  • Thank God for providing us with good health, peace, and safety in our family.

Two things to pray for in the family:

  • Pray for all those who are supporting my family financially, materially, and spiritually.

  • Pray for the education of all our children to excel in their various levels of education to achieve the best possible outcome in their lives.

Two things to thank God for in the ministry:

  • Thank God for six souls who have surrendered their lives to Christ and were immersed in July.

  • Thank God for a successful funeral of the husband of our Deaconess Victoria Avugla at Agbozume.

Two things to pray for in ministry:

  • Pray for the work of every member of our church that God will bless their works so that they can pay their tithes and give generously to support the work of God.

  • Pray for new children to come to our school and also pray for our mini-fundraising at the end of the month.


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