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The Wheels of the Gospel

By GCM Staff

It is generally said money is the wheel of the Gospel. We at GCM will rephrase it to be “Motorcycles are the wheels of the Gospel.” At GCM, our focus has been on the marginalized, deprived, and rural communities. This drive has led us to many communities that are difficult to reach. The only reliable means of transport is by motorcycle. If not for these motorcycles which have been aiding our church planters to reach the interior country in spreading the Good News, thousands may have died both physically and spiritually without the hope of salvation in Christ. On many occasions our motorcycles have served as ambulances, saving lives in desperate moments like snake bites, women in labor, and other emergency situations.

It is for this reason that we dedicate this month to celebrate and thank all our partners and donors who have supported us in getting motorcycles over the last 32 years. Presently we have 20 motorcycles aiding our seven clinics and 19 church planters, with over 100 people assisting them.

By God’s grace, we have received funds to purchase five new motorcycles this year! However, several others need to be replaced as they age between 5 and 20 years old. These old motorcycles have become unreliable and cause difficulties in reaching out with the Gospel. We continue to pray for God to use you in replacing some of the very old ones and acquiring new ones for some of the evangelists who do not have one.

GCM says thank you, and may God continue to use you for His kingdom.


Felix Nsejamesi:

A couple of months ago, the idea of motorcycles was just a dream and a prayer topic. But now through the great funding support from you and your team, today we can talk about two brand-new motorcycles in support of evangelism. By God’s grace, we have purchased two motorcycles, two extra helmets, paid for registration, roadworthy certificates, as well as insurance. These motorcycles will greatly promote the works of Ghana Christian Mission in promoting rural evangelization. We remain forever grateful for your kind gesture in promoting the Kingdom Business.

Bismarck Kassata:

I became the assistant to my pastor, preaching and teaching, serving the churches in various ways for nine years. I then assumed full leadership of the Ntrubo churches when Pastor Hayford moved to Accra in 2011. I overlook seven churches of over 500 members and am working hard to add more. Overseeing all the seven churches is not an easy task, especially when they are over 15 miles apart from each other in some cases. This therefore requires a reliable means of transportation. Presently, I am using a 14-year-old motorcycle that needs immediate replacement. Please assist me in reaching out to many more lost souls.


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