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This Christmas, Help Spread the Word About GCM

Ghana Christian Mission has been dedicated to bringing the hope of the Gospel, both spiritually and physically, to all the people of Ghana for the last 30 years. Over that time, God has provided for and grown the ministry so that today we serve Him in church planting, medical outreach, Christian education, and community development. Our commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission in Ghana in these ways still remains, and we praise God for how He uses us for His good purposes every day!

In addition to the ministry efforts on the ground in Africa, we also recognize the continual need to connect God’s people all over the world to the work He is doing in Ghana through GCM. In fact, we are very aware that there are still many people who have never heard of Ghana Christian Mission! Spreading awareness of the needs of the ministry staff and local churches in Ghana strengthens the bonds of the worldwide church and provides opportunities to help to those with the heart to do so.

Toward this end, a hard-working GCM volunteer recently created an online store with GCM-branded products so that GCM supporters can help promote the ministry in your own corner of the world. GCM would like to encourage you to browse this new store and consider purchasing an item or two while keeping in mind that (1) a portion of every purchase goes to GCM and (2) by using or giving away these products, you can help spread awareness of the ministry in Ghana.

GCM staff and partners will continue to be the caring hearts, praying mouths, giving hands, and going feet of Jesus in Ghana. If you want to help support the work we are doing, please consider donating at our website, shopping at the new online store, or getting involved another way. Thank you!


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