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Three New Motorcycles to Aid Church Planters

Three Motorcycles donated by McDonough Christian Church, McDonough, Georgia

Please find the below report from three church planters who received three new motorcycles earlier this year (2019), donated by McDonough Christian Church in McDonough, Georgia. For two (Paul Tevi and Prince Yevu) of the church planters, these motorcycles replaced motorcycles that were more than 15 years old. The other is a first-time motorcycle for Daniel Liwamor.

Daniel Liwamor

I thank God Almighty for providing a new motorbike for me. I again sent greetings to the director of FAME, pastor Enoch Nyador, and the special donors. I say God richly bless you all for this support. I want to say this new motorbike will help me transform my ministry. It will help me pay a regular visit to the churches under my care. Again, I am the youth pastor for all the Pistis Christian churches in Kumdi district. Not only that, I am also the new chairman for Borea and Kumdi area. So, any time there is a need for me to attend for a meeting I will easily do so. Lastly, this motorbike will help me win more souls this year and years to come. Once again from my heart I say thank you.

Prince Yevu

I am grateful to Almighty God for touching the heart of my donors and supporters for helping me to have this wonderful motorcycle. This motorcycle will go a long way to help me discharge my mission duty in Afram Plains Area. It has really put smile to my face; now I can visit my branches without fear of spending the night pushing a motorcycle or visiting the mechanics too often. My family and I are praying for blessing from God Almighty so that heavenly doors will be opened and your desires come to pass. Thank you for contribution to the mission work as we seek to win more souls. Thank you for the assistance.

Paul Tevi

Good afternoon. I want to use this platform to thank God for the ministries here in Yezesi and Loagri in the Northern Region usually called Overseas because of its remote location. One of my challenges for coordinating the churches and going around for home visitation and follow-up was the means of adequate and adapted transportation. I struggled with one old motorcycle I took from the former church planter. By the Grace of our Lord, who knows our needs and provide for us through people He has selected, I have now got a new motorcycle. I want to seriously, on behalf of my wife Rita and the entire churches, send my deep gratitude and appreciation to the donors. This motorcycle will help me to cover and reach other places far from us and especially in the time of rain season.


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