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Toilet Facility, Water Issues: Ongoing Problems for Banda Churches

John Kpormegbe serves with Ghana Christian Mission in Ghana, Africa.

Good morning, dear workers in the Lord. The Lord who watches over Israel has been good to all of us. He gives hope to Banda Christian Church and other branches in one faith, one baptism, and one Lord. I hope you are all fine. I wish all my sponsors including Ps Enoch Nyador well in their endeavors. By His grace, four souls were baptized to the glory of God just after some Discovery Bible Studies done at Chabor where the River is.

As a family, a church, and a community, our problems or struggles about toilet facilities and access to clean water have become a headache to me. In the dry season, where there is no water, it becomes a fight as to when and where to get water. We urgently need your help to complete the borehole project that we began about three years ago. Our toilet facility is also not usable. It becomes so frightening, especially in the night, because we are located on the outskirts of the town. If you are touched and feel led, please, you are welcome to assist to the glory of God, in other to make the toilet and help the borehole function again. My humble request from you is to join me in thanking God for the free gift of life He has given to us, the Banda Pistis Christian Churches, for the past six years. Thank you, the Director of FAME and Wisdom Nyador, for helping me to get a phone; this is beyond imagination and I am so grateful. The Inflatable Solar Light that I received from Wisdom at Tamale is really helpful when there is no electricity. After charging it, it works fine. It is bright enough and lasts long. However, we need more of these lights. I pray for all of us to continue the good work of our Lord Jesus.


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