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Update From Banda Church

By John Kpormegbe

Good afternoon to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Banda and the family of Christ are doing well by His grace. My children are doing well, though my daughter was sick and hospitalized four days. I am happy to let you know that she has recovered because of your support and prayers. My wife and I say God richly bless you, Pastor Enoch, and Pastor Wisdom Nyador.

On behalf of the church, special greetings to Pastor Wisdom Nyador for your energy as a young leader, humility, and hospitality for the work of the Lord. We say “ayekoo” (well-done) to the Director of FAME, Pastor Enoch Nyador, for your selfless and hard-working spirit you are inculcating in the workers of the Lord. To Pastor Riley, the Plainfield C.C., for their help spiritually and financially. We say God bless you bountifully.

Visitation is very crucial at this time. Matthew, Elisha, and I are still doing that to keep the church members warm in this cold season of COVID-19. We just want to make sure our church members would realize that, whether COVID-19 or not, God still reigns and they ought to be faithful. Our prayer request is that, after the pandemic, the church will resume all plans to the glory of God. Some of the plans include adding a new church, complete the Banda structure, and if possible, get one pavilion for the Ahenfie church. In all, we pray for strength.

Thank you very much.


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