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Update From Paul Tevi

By Paul Tevi

Peace and love from PCC in the North East of Ghana.

By the grace of the Almighty, we haven't recorded any new case of COVID-19 apart from the official two infections two months ago. Following the President's directives, we have suspended our social gathering in the church. But we brought some innovating measures to contain our members and to also assist them spiritually. The online teaching and preaching, home visitation, and intercession prayer twice in the week on a new park at the edge of the community are still ongoing.

We also worked in coordination with our member of Parliament Honorable Tanko Ibrahim to assist our members who were in Accra and Kumasi during the lockdown. Amen Vocational Training Center also provided some nose masks to the clinic personnel. We are in the process of providing to all our members as the restrictions have been lifted. One area where the church did very well is the constant home visitation. Our members saw really that the church indeed is not only the building, but a community of believers who at any time despite the location can come together and do God's business. We want to encourage all believers to stand for things that count most in this global crisis.

Peace and love.


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