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Update From Transformation Christian Church

By David Akpesse, Transformation Christian Church at Awutu Papaase

Two Things To Thank God for in The Family

  • Thank God for providing the us with our basic needs.

  • Thank God for protecting and keeping us safe during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

Two Things To Pray for in The Family

  • Pray for our family to remain faithful to God and to trusting in everything.

  • Pray for two of our daughters who are working in the health sector, to get protected by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Two Things To Thank God for in The Ministry

  • Thank God for sustaining our small home cell groups and keeping them active during the period of the barn on all public gatherings.

  • Thank God for healing our sister Florence Selase Kumavie, a nursing mother who had a post-delivery condition and was admitted in hospital for close to three weeks.

Two Things To Pray for in The Ministry

  • Pray for our members who are pupils and students in second cycle and tertiary institutions who are now at home because of the ban on school activities.

  • Pray for effective evangelism in our ministry after the ban on public gatherings is fully lifted so that more souls may be added to the church.


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