Why We Do What We Do

Pastor Wisdom Nyador - Executive Director

Each month as we send reports on how God is using our church planters who continuously and consistently plant churches, baptize people and raise disciples, we are sometimes asked why we do that.

The first answer we think about it in Romans 10:14 “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” ´

The scriptures make it clear that for all to hear the gospel and come to the saving power of Christ and be with him eternally, someone must go to the lost to share the gospel with them. We, in Ghana Christian Mission, understand and accept this charge: to go to every town and village in Ghana and beyond to share the good news of our Lord Jesus. We also believe that as Christians, we are all mandated to share our faith one way or the other. And therefore, we take the command of our Lord in Matthew 28 as it is.

In addition to these convictions, we understand that we could not have come this far without all of you who have prayed for us, supported us, and given to this heavenly cause. We still depend on your unflinching support to keep sharing the Good News of Christ.

Ps. John Kpomegbe

Good day to everyone in the Lord. I hope you are all doing well. I and Banda Pistis Christian Church District have this to say: “thanks to everyone who prayed for my family and the churches to have seen and received this wonderful month.”

Though, the church has lost one of our own on 13th of September, the church called on our sister churches and they came to assist in the burial. Special appreciation to pastors Sapeh, Dzobo, Daniel, Felix, and Elder Attah who came to assist. God richly bless all of us.

We also had Church service which was superb because we felt that happiness in the Lord. We received Pastor Riley Weaver and Pastor Wisdom Nyador who attended. We had an inspirational message from Pastor Riley.

Meanwhile, as we all know, this is raining season which is good but churches under trees are suffering and struggling to worship God. We are appealing to everyone who would read this to put the churches into prayers. I pray that you support this good course of raising support for two young men who have been trained at the Bible school.

The people love the work of God and I need your prayer support for them to be very active so that, as we need more of God, they can do more for God. Encouragement support, spiritual support and motorcycle support are welcome.

Pastor Samuel Dzobo

Calvary greetings from the churches in Borae District. We praise God for his protection and care over the pastors and members in the district.

We need your prayers that the project raised in the district; thus Chenderi Mission House Project would be brought to completion, especially the Chenderi Mission house; it is a house molded from clay and the rain can pull it down. Praying that hearts would be touched to help bring it to completion.

The three associate Pastors raised by Church planter Samuel Dzobo, namely (Yona Lati, Lazarus Lengi, and Gabriel Amen) oversee more than four congregations each, and where they are stationed is far from the local churches, they find it very difficult to visit and encourage the sister churches; hence the need to get them Motorcycles. We hope and pray this need will be met.

Ps. David Addy Akpesey – The Transformation Christian Church, Awutu Papaase

Thank and praise God for a very successful joint worship service hosted by the Transformation Christian Church at Awutu Papaase on Sunday 4th September. At programs like this, we raise funds to support the host church for the Lord's work. It has been very helpful to our churches.

Pray for the financial improvement of the church and members of the church

Pray for the church to get enough money to pay back the loan faithfully.

Ps. Prince Yevu – Afram Plains South Maame Krobo District

We give God the glory for great things He has done and greater things He is yet to do.

I thank Almighty God for the entire church of Maame Krobo Afram Plains District. He has done us well and his grace is sufficient for us. More souls are coming to Christ and more to be baptized. Last months we planned to baptize five souls but three were absent and only two people were baptized. I am preparing another batch for baptism soon.

I thank God for my family we are still believing God for breakthrough because he has promised us victory in everything we may face in life as children of God.

We are still asking for the prayer of the saints to push us in to victory. May his name be praised.

We are still asking help from individuals and also groups of people to help us complete our church building which is still under construction.

Ps. Jonathan Sapeh

I thank God for the lives of the church members and my family.

A face-lift has been given to the Kumdi church building.

One person received baptism at Kumdi.

Continue to remember my wife, Lydia, in your prayers.

Pastor Paul Akuteye

I am excited that we are in the last quarter of the year 2022. I thank God that we have had a smooth journey for the past eight months and now we are in the ninth month. To God be all the glory.

The month of September we had our joint service and had the privilege to invite one of the young prophets in town. He was at his best. We had a lot of older Christians who visited. It was a very successful programme. We also had younger Christians and non – Christians.

Kindly help me to pray for a supernatural overflow of God’s favor for the church at Oduom.

We have been able to buy a few building materials for the roofing of the Oduom auditorium. We are now financially handicapped, however. Pray some financial organizations or associations come to our aid and support us to complete the building project at Oduom. Oduom is the first assembly of the Pistis Family in Kumasi. Kumasi is the “2nd national capital” of Ghana and therefore a completed worship center is an encouragement to the people in Kumasi.

I also request your prayer support for a financial breakthrough for all the pastors, elders, the church workers and our sponsors. Your partnership and support for us as a church will be highly rewarded.

May the few months left in the year 2022 bring you many blessings