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Opening of Amen Vocational Center

Wisdom Nyador is the member care coordinator and communications director for GCM in Ghana, Africa.

Two years ago, an idea was born, a proposal was made, and prayers were said in support of Amen Vocational Center, a center to train young girls in sewing in Yzesi in the Northern Region. Normally, most of these girls would move to the bigger cities where they would serve as head potters and do all kinds of jobs in pursuit of money. Because we have a prayer-answering God, today as this report is being written, we have a vocational center built, ten sewing machines bought together with some basic instruments to aid sewing, and above 20 young girls recruited as the first batch to be trained in this facility. In order to ensure that they are committed to the decision they have made, they are asked to sign a commitment form with their guardian or parents.

We are most grateful to all the sponsors/donors of this project, and we pray that the good Lord will bless and replenish all funds used to see a vision come true. We, however, need to inform all that we are still in need of some support. First, we need to provide some support to Rita, who is teaching these ladies for free. Because this has become her full-time job, she is unable to do any other job. Secondly, we would need to emulate this vocational center in other communities we have in the country.


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